Start the journey towards a better psychological frame of mind with Mindact

Start the journey towards a better psychological frame of mind with Mindact
Mindact has released their Android app which helps to create awareness on mental health, psychology and available resolutions to improve mental wellness.

Most people go through different moods at different points in time. While it’s perfectly okay to be upset or sad or happy, if you’re overwhelmed by emotions, you may need some help. Wellness of the mind is as important as physical health. Mind wellness brings in positivity, creativity and also acknowledging that every sense has a say in your wellness. 

Often, people are reluctant to seek help when they are going through psychological problems. In most cases, it’s due to fear. What others will think, how others perceive me are some of the constant worries that stop a person from reaching out to psychologists. Mindact was born out of the need to dispel the fear of psychology from people’s minds. Mindact bridges the gap between psychologists and those who need support. The app also creates awareness about the available resolution paths.   

In fact, Mindact is an app that offers a one-stop solution to people who want to relax. With minimal user input using personality tests and mood checks, the app gives the user his or her behavioural pattern through graphs and scores. Mindact also offers suggestions to improve mental health. 

Games are a great way to relieve stress. Mindact has a stress-buster game, Spinning Wheel. The app keeps updating and refreshing the games to motivate the users. 

Their blog, has posts that are contemporary and relevant, which the user can go and read.

Mindact gives positivity status quotes, which are auto refreshed. 

Mindact provides quick bites that are tips for you to relax. 

A section on preliminary details about psychology and counselling is also there. 

Mindact listens to you and helps you to take a clear and concise choice based on your thinking within the acceptable legal and moral framework.

In a nutshell, with Mindact, you can own yourself. You can tell them how you are feeling and the same can be captured with date, time and mood. Later, the app will generate a mood tracker graph that you can refer to at any time. A quick survey is available on the app which helps you know about your mental health. There are provisions for tracking sleep, breath and thoughts. 

On Mindact you can play a game, listen to some soothing music depending on your mood, and just relax.  

With Mindact, you can leave your worries and be positive, creative and happy!

Mindact features: 

  • One-stop-solution for mental health
  • Virtual sessions for stress relaxation in video/audio mode
  • Sessions to drive away the fear of counselling about marriage, education, job, retirement, sports, etc
  • An app the promotes relaxation
  • Stress-buster games
  • Informative blogs
  • A section on preliminary details about psychology and counselling
  • Personality test through questionnaires
  • Seven questionnaires each related to different aspects of mental health – anxiety, anger management, job satisfaction, relationship management, stress management, emotional intelligence, and depression
  • Mood tracking using food, sleep, and mood patterns
  • Helpful and insightful statistics from the app to understand behaviour patterns.
  • Relaxation tips to help focus more and increase mindfulness.

Android Device Requirements:

Requires Android 5.0 and up

Pricing and Availability:

The app is currently available for free across all countries and those above 18 years can use it. This app is not meant to be used as an alternative for mental health counseling. The results from the app could be used as pointers while consulting a mental health specialist if you wish.

Version: Mindact App 2.1.0

Download from Google Play:

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