Implementing New Technology to Take Advantage of the Growth in The Cosmetic Procedure Industry

Technology is constantly developing. Even while the pandemic slowed the world, the cosmetic and aesthetic procedure industry has advanced technological options. The cosmetic treatment industry is set to grow by up to 30% over the next two years. As a result, practices are looking for more opportunities for their new clients. One of the best ways for most practices to do that is to make an investment that will expand the services they offer.

Adding a new service can drastically increase the number of clients a clinic can have. Non-invasive options are becoming increasingly more popular. People are constantly looking for the least invasive option that will give them the results they want. Once a clinic has chosen the new services, they need to implement them and integrate them into their other services.

One of the first keys to making this a reality is ensuring that the technicians are trained thoroughly in the new service technology. Adding new services can be a significant investment, especially for smaller offices. Technicians must understand what they can do with this new service and how to operate it at its maximum capabilities. Training provides the education and understanding to have them help grow the overall client base.

“Properly trained technicians are critical for new services to be successful. The technician is the one that clients interact with the most. They need to be confident and competent in operating the technology while also explaining it to the client. They need to know how it works and be able to discuss it with the person they are performing treatment to a level that makes that client comfortable.”

The next step is getting the client base to understand what procedures an office is capable of performing. Adding new technology also means marketing what that technology can do, from advertising to word of mouth. After those first few clients, once people know something new is available, they will be interested.

“It’s difficult in some ways because people know they want to look like their favorite influencer or just look generally younger, but they haven’t actually got a solid idea of what that requires. Even though the industry has many new treatments, people don’t necessarily hear about them or know what they do. Marketing is critical to getting in on part of this new growth in the industry. The clients are ready and waiting. It’s just about getting them to understand what they want.” Said a spokesperson for the company.

There is ongoing growth in the medical aesthetic industry that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Therefore, knowing how to implement new investments is as critical as staying on top of the latest trends.

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SharpLight is a medical aesthetic development and sales company.  They provide a wide range of equipment designed to support the med-aesthetic industry, including small and large offices or practices that offer cosmetic procedures. Among the options they have are cellulite treatments to tattoo removal, and many more. They also have full-service support for the equipment that they develop and sell.

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