Self-Image Concerns and Cosmetic Procedures Growing in Vaccinated World

Cosmetic procedures, like most things, were put on hold for a good portion of the early part of the pandemic, from not being able to get a haircut to elective surgeries canceled due to the overwhelmed hospitals. At the same time, a vast portion of the working population found themselves suddenly staring at their face on a daily or nearly daily basis for work. The world saw a way to keep people working, but it had some unintended consequences.

The sudden shift to being in front of a camera had a definite impact on how people see themselves. Cameras aren’t forgiving; they point out the flaws. So, as the world opens up, a flood of people who hadn’t been interested in cosmetic treatments before are looking for options.

“A lot of people didn’t even know some of these procedures were available. There is a reason Hollywood has been using aesthetic treatments for decades, to look younger, more vibrant, and hide the things they perceive as flaws. But, there are so many more options now, with the advent of new technology and more offices opening up, it’s become an easy acceptable part of dealing with aging.” According to a spokesperson.

People are flocking to new options, especially treatments that are considered non-invasive or minimally invasive. For example, therapies like Venus Legacy are enormously popular. 

Wrinkles are difficult to hide; makeup can only go so far. Surgery is an extreme option for many people. Instead, they are turning to advanced aesthetic treatments to hide the very prominent sign of getting older.

The treatments use radio-frequency technology to create a heat reaction that has been shown to tighten skin and sort of trick the body into using its natural healing abilities. Another reason these treatments are gaining popularity aside from the fact that they can be accomplished over a lunch break is that they are painless. They heat tissue but not painfully, and the technician can always adjust based on personal needs.

“People want fast and painless results and treatments like this offer both. Everyone is so busy that downtime for bigger procedures isn’t necessarily an option, and these don’t have any recovery time. They come in for a few treatments, and they get to leave feeling better about themselves. The confidence boost is so helpful, especially after everything people have been through over the last year.” The spokesperson added.

When people are happy with the way they look, they are overall more confidant and more comfortable. No one wants to load into that zoom meeting and cringe when they look at themselves. Even job interviews are being conducted by video regularly these days, and that extra confidence after an aesthetics treatment can make the difference.

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