New Lights of Reflection through Dynamic and Soul-Stirring Americana: Rising Singer-Songwriter Electroflesh Unveils New Songs

New Lights of Reflection through Dynamic and Soul-Stirring Americana: Rising Singer-Songwriter Electroflesh Unveils New Songs
Evoking a varied set of emotions with his enriching musical compositions, Electroflesh brings a unique and uncharacteristic mix of poetic lyricism and nostalgic Americana styles imbued in the original track, “Endless Highway” from the dynamic album, ‘The Forgotten Drive In’.

Staying true to an authentic style, this artist brings with himself a slice of Americana existing in memory, desire, aspiration & compassion.

“Endless Highway” is the pathway followed by the eternal searching traveler, filled with nostalgic love & a burning recognition that life always goes on with little to gain from yearning for what has gone. Acceptance of what is and what must be within the confines & comfort of momentary reminiscence, the “Endless Highway” acts as a means of comfort for solitary travelers on the voyage of life.

The song complements the artist’s short film and music video, “Endless Highway (a journey with the spirit of James Dean)”.

Originating in London, UK, United Kingdom – September 16th, 2021- Spinning magic with rich and riveting Americana compositions, Electroflesh offers a memorable, contemplative vibe with a unique musical style. The talented artist showcases a stirring mix of raw emotions in the expressive current single, “Revolutionary”, which is set to be followed by an upcoming new Bandcamp release, “Amazing” available on iTunes & Spotify from 30th September 2021. This refreshing new track adds to the artist’s captivating discography.

Drawing inspiration from 60’s – 90’s Americana, Glam Rock, Goth, and Indie along with the New Romantic British scene of the ’80s, Electroflesh hopes to connect with listeners, touch some souls & have people fall in love with these songs & the new ones to come.

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Electroflesh is the musical nom de plume for eclectic singer-songwriter Sanj Hayre, who has also previously released collaborative music with damNoisyasians & Silas Daly.

Breaking into the world of music in 1997, this dynamic artist released an independently crafted debut EP titled ‘Mantra’.

The release was followed by a 12-year hiatus occupied by an acting career, with Sanj Hayre marking his return to the studio with a follow-up EP ‘Stray dNa’. This was followed by the debut Electroflesh album ‘So Life a Drag’.

Enthralling listeners with an independent musical brilliance, Electroflesh released his fourth album in 2019, named ‘Finale!’

The artist’s original music now features in the 2021 short film, ‘The Colour of Love’, which highlights pertinent themes of racism, love, fear and bigotry through the collective power of music, spoken word and poetry. Set to unveil the Amazing new single on 30th  September 2021, titled…. “Amazing”… Electroflesh will follow up with a fresh new album, scheduled for release in 2022.



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