Pop Up Pet Door – The Easy To Install And Frameless Pet Door

The Pop Up Pet Door is a pet door made for pet owners who want a simple, non-permanent solution.

A solution that can be fixed on MOST Standard Sliding Patio doors in just minutes, with no tools required!

And for those who have older dogs that struggle with stepping over the bulky frames typically seen in traditional pet doors..

The Pop Up Per Door was created in 2018 by founder Renee Vanderbilt-Kay, for her 18 year old Rat Terrier, Scout.

She needed an easy pet door to help her pet keep his independence into his latter years.

Scout struggled with stepping over the frames of other pet doors which only got worse as he got older and his mobility decreased.

Unsatisfied with anything on the market, founder Renee Vanderbilt-Kay took matters into her own hands, and thus the Pop Up Pet Door was born!

Her new invention allowed Scout the freedom to go out of the house without tripping over the bulky frame of a traditional pet door.

Its foldable, lightweight and frameless design was just what she and Scout needed. And as it turned out, many other pet owners had the same exact need!

This is exemplified by the success of the brand – sold in 28 countries and counting, to thousands of pet owners!

The Pop-Up Pet Door fits standard height 78-80” sliding doors and 35″ and 56″ sliding window inserts for cats. Although it is important to note the company does custom orders on Etsy to fit any size required.

Once bought, it is able to fit most doors. The plastic panels are made of a material called Coroplast and the flap is made of a weighted Neoprene.

It can be used with a sliding glass or screen door and is held snugly in place with a small strip of velcro placed discreetly in the upper track of the door. The pet door stays in place even when the door is opened. NO TOOLS REQUIRED.

On spring days, simply move it into the screen door track and let in the fresh air without any flies. On hot or cold days, move it to the sliding glass track and keep inside the perfect temperature

Pop it up when needed, fold it up and store it behind the sofa when not needed. No other pet door on the market folds up as easily as the Pop Up Pet Door.

Leaving the house? Take the Pop Up Pet Door out completely so you can lock your sliding door and keep your home safe.

Its signature frameless design allows pets to move in and out of the home as they please.

And as discussed, the bottom flap is specifically designed so that older pets can easily step through, as unlike other pet doors, there’s no bulky frame to step over and the flap is soft and flexible.

All it takes is less than five minutes to set up, and then the pet door is ready!

Visit the Pop Up Pet Door Store at www.popuppetdoor.com, and check some reviews of pet owners who have used this amazing pet door!

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