Francis Santa Celebrates 5 Years of Success for Business Image Lift

Francis Santa Celebrates 5 Years of Success for Business Image Lift

Francis Santa
Business Image Lift Founder, Francis Santa, Reflects on 5 years of Growth and Success

Business Image Lift was founded in 2016 by Francis Santa to help businesses as well as individuals with their online reputation. Since its inception, Business Image Lift has helped hundreds of clients to manage their own reputations and regain confidence in their internet presence. “It gives our clients the ability to sleep better at night,” says Santa. “Having gone through my own struggles with online reputation, I understand the anxiety that comes from constantly wondering what people will see when they search for you online.”

Business Image Lift began as a concept back in 2011, and after years of in depth research, Santa found a way to remove negative content using the law that had never been implemented before. Today, Business Image Lift is thriving with an office in sunny Boca Raton, Florida and hundreds of success stories and happy clients. 

Business Image Lift offers a much needed service for those who have been a victim of cyber attacks to their reputation. Many businesses, as well as people, have fallen victim to others using the internet to get revenge or to ruin a company or a person’s reputation. There are few systems set in place to filter or verify harmful data. Something gets posted, goes live, and stays on the internet for what seems to be forever. These harmful posts could cost a small business thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in potential client revenues as well as prevent an individual from gaining employment, housing and credit approval.  It is frustrating and very unfair.

“We are not a large business, and we don’t intend to be,” states Santa. “We are experts at what we do and we take great care with each individual client. We form personal relationships with them and take care of them the same as we would our own friends and family. I’m always available over the phone and I try to respond as soon as possible to ensure that our clients are happy and feel like they’re really being taken good care of.”

When asked about what he believes helped his business flourish to what it is today, Santa responded that it’s all about establishing trust with the client. “In this business, there are a lot of people who will try to rip you off and take advantage of others’ vulnerability. We don’t just tell our clients that they can trust us to do the job, we show them!” 

To celebrate 5 years in business, Santa and the Business Image Lift team held a small get together over the weekend. “I’m so incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and how far we will continue to go,” says Santa. “The feeling of knowing you’ve really helped your client to get their life back and that you’ve helped to put control back in their hands is what it’s all about. As we look towards the next five years, we are continuing to focus on what really matters: making sure that the truth is heard and that our clients get their justice.” 

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