23 Year Old Female Coder Builds A Tech Company And An AI Trading App

Anya Ozmen, a 23-year-old data scientist emerged from the corporate world and started her own tech company REDKO a little over a year ago in the midst of the quarantine. She says “We code business owners’ visions into real life products!” Her company Redko helps build apps and software for all types of clients, from entrepreneurs to more established companies. Redko Team has built many websites, SaaS, and mobile apps that bring their clients millions of dollars in revenue. 

After the pandemic, it has become clear that every company that wants to grow and survive needs to have an online presence whether it’s an app or website or a digital downloadable product. 

Anya Ozmen, the founder of Redko an LA based tech dev shop, says that business owners have 2 choices. Either hiring in house developers or working with a development shop.  Hiring developers requires extensive training and you have to hire multiple people to cover all the IT needs. On top of paying high wages, if they aren’t a good fit you lose lots of money. Versus if you work with a development shop like Redko, their teams have many developers with different expertise and it is a fraction of the cost. Dev shops are extensions of your team, they also handle the project management so you can sit back and focus on what’s really important to grow your business while they build the best website, app and software for your customers. Redko stands out amongst the dev shops because we are local, have experience with all types of custom projects, we provide 24/7 support and WE CARE ABOUT YOUR DREAM and MAKING YOUR PRODUCT THE BEST it can be, client opinion comes first but we give advise on many different verticals. And cheaper than most US agencies!

Anya’s journey to success has been a long and challenging process. 

“I was a data scientist on a work visa at the time, and my visa was almost up. I didn’t get any funding for my company. I didn’t have any entrepreneurs in my family. In fact, all my family is on the other side of the world, and I haven’t seen them in over a year because of COVID-19,” she shared.

Anya took all her life savings and built Redko, which means “rare” in Slavic languages. She took a leap of faith and started a tech company that eventually thrived in Los Angeles.

Now, Anya aims to inspire and empower more entrepreneurs to overcome self-doubt and launch their dreams.

“It was a challenging time, but if I did it, anyone can! That’s why my mission is to code entrepreneurs’ dreams into real life products.” shares Anya.

The LA-based company currently has an amazing team of almost 20 United States-based team players that have fascinating backgrounds and talents. 

The Redko Team has built, renovated, and supported over 30 products, from major websites and software to new mobile apps. 

Anya as a nerdy business owner has quirky talents and interests from math to investing to neuroscience to languages. The Redko founder has two degrees, one of which is a neuropsychology degree, can code in 15 programming languages and knows how to speak five languages. 

In addition to being a tech development shop, Redko showcases an AI automated investment app, Redvest.  

Redvest helps members of Gen Z learn to trade and automate their trades for less emotional and more profitable investments.

Redvest offers a stock market simulator in case users want to learn how to invest with “play” money before they start to trade.  

On the app, they can both buy and sell stocks easily and automate with popular strategies like value and growth investing. 

“I care about making asset management accessible to everyone. Anyone should be able to automate their trades, save time and avoid emotional trades. This is a very untapped field in the financial market,” Anya explains.

Those who want to learn more about Redko and its AI automated investment app, Redvest, may visit the website for more information. 

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