Up and Coming Agency Socia-Grow Media Takes E-Commerce Brands From Startup To Empire

Working with numerous online brands, this exciting agency is disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry.

With the continual growth of smartphone usage and rapid technology advancements, the e-commerce retail sector is projected to be worth USD $5.4 trillion by 2022. Amidst this ever-increasing competition, brands have sought out experts to take things to the next level.

Gaining viral attention online, Socia-Grow Media is shaking up the e-commerce space, turning heads for their ability to take brands to 7 and 8 figure revenues through social media advertising.

Serving clients from all over the world, this exciting new agency helps businesses evolve from struggling boutiques into multi-million-dollar brands, using their proven scaling strategy.

Unlike most marketing agencies offering a range of generic services, Socia-Grow Media offers a specialized service, focusing solely on Facebook & Instagram advertising.

“Being a results-driven agency, the focus is on the platforms where brands can scale aggressively and predictably, the Facebook Ads platform remains to be the frontrunner in that respect.”

The company’s founder, Lachlan Pugh has been recognized as an industry leader, taking brands in fashion, beauty and health & wellness from inception to 7-figure annual revenues.

“Consumers have become immune to traditional advertising creatives, so utilizing customer generated content (and continual testing) has become imperative to take brands to the next level.”

After establishing a series of successful e-commerce ventures, Lachlan founded Socia-Grow Media in order to help brands increase profits exponentially through Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

“Most business owners aren’t aware of how much money they are leaving on the table by not having an expert team running their ads” he explains.

“Given how competitive the space has become, brands need to be incessantly testing new creatives, finding new audiences and monitoring campaign profitability.”

The agency’s founder goes on to explain that:

“In recent years, business owners have been misguided into employing a ‘big-name’ traditional marketing agency. Then find they are left with exorbitantly high retainers and mediocre results.”

When asked about the implications of working with larger-sized marketing agencies, Lachlan goes on to explain that:

“Many of these firms often charge their clients based on a percentage of advertising spend. This creates a growing conflict of interest as it simply incentivizes the agency to increase ad spend while disregarding overall profitability.”

When asked about his strategy for scaling brands through digital advertising, Lachlan outlines that:

“The fundamental principles are fairly simple; strategically increase the average order value, allowing the outbidding of competitors at the ad auction, then continue testing to find profitable creatives and audiences.”

When asked if he had any advice for e-commerce business owners, Lachlan advised:

“For anyone that is currently running ads, visit the Facebook Ads library for the business. If there are less than 10 ads running, or if the images appear very commercial, then Socia-Grow Media can certainly help to grow the brand.”

To find out more about working with Socia-Grow Media, contact support@sociagrowmedia.com.

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