Hoteliers Improve Indoor Air Quality Through Use of Air Pure Stay

Nashville, TN – Hoteliers throughout the country can operate with improved safety and attract new customers by offering an Air Pure Stay option at booking or check-in. An Air Pure Stay program uses technology that is critically relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic to help reduce the spread of pathogens.

An Air Pure Stay is powered by the patented Rx400, one of the few UV air purifiers that have been proven in independent EPA- and FDA-certified testing laboratories to destroy on the first pass 99.6% of harmful airborne viruses and bacteria. Guests deserve to relax in a comfortable environment with clean and healthy indoor air that promotes well-being and peace of mind when they travel for business or pleasure.

The Rx400 uses powerful fans to draw in air at the bottom of the unit. Air passes through the patented “kill chamber” which houses three shielded, high-intensity UV-C lights that have been proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi by damaging their genetic structure. Purified air exits the top of the unit.

“Including an Air Pure Stay program for a hotelier helps ensure that guest rooms, conference rooms, and high traffic areas are improved indoor air spaces,” said James Nuques, President of Med Air Solutions. “The Air Pure Stay creates safer and healthier environments for both guests and staff.”

The Air Pure Stay program offers:-Exceptional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-A reduced spread of infectious airborne contaminants that include viruses and bacteria that can cause disease-Fewer allergens and dander in pet-friendly rooms-Relaxing, clean and comfortable atmosphere-Peace of mind and well-being

“Our dedication to patient health, along with a proven track record of creating and maintaining a customer/patient clean air environment in cooperation with companies in hospitality and healthcare is what sets us apart,” stated Nuques. “In light of continuing risk from the variousCOVID-19 variants, the hospitality industry should look for ways to incorporate new technology solutions to improve indoor air quality.”

To learn more about the Air Pure Stay program, log onto The Rx400and Air Pure Stay solution is available through Med Air Solutions.

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About Med Air Solutions

Med Air Solutions is a brand created for people who are “serious” about air purification. The Med Air Solutions brand is owned by Competitive Edge Services, LLC, which was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. Med Air Solutions focuses on products that improve air quality utilizing UV-C technology. The Med Air Solution 400 was engineered to fight the common cold, bacteria, mold, influenza viruses, volatile organic compounds like paint and varnish, and odors like pets and smoking. Designed with patented ViraTech® Air Purification technology that is owned and manufactured by Vystar Corporation. The unit is filter-less and delivers the same UV-C germ-killing power and effectiveness available in many hospitals, into your home, or small business.

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About RxAir

RxAir promotes a healthy lifestyle through the use of its innovative patented, ViraTech air purification technology, thereby improving the quality of life of each and every customer. Independently tested by EPA- and FDA-certified laboratories, the RxAir has been proven to destroy greater than 99% of bacteria and viruses and reduce concentrations of odors and VOCs. The RxAir uses high-intensity germicidal UV lamps that destroy bacteria and viruses instead of just trapping them, setting it apart from ordinary air filtration units. RxAir® and ViraTech® are registered trademarks of UV Flu Technologies, Inc.

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