Laser Wellness offering latest FDA-approved HIFEM Body contouring treatment for effective fat burn and muscle growth

Laser Wellness is extending cutting-edge HIFEM body contouring treatment that helps to attain the perfect sculpted look with effective body toning and improved muscle growth.

Ontario, Canada – September 21, 2021 – Renowned laser therapy center Laser Wellness is pleased to announce the launch of the state-of-the-art HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Therapy) body contouring treatment that has proven to stimulate muscle growth and tone up the body by burning off stubborn fat. The treatment is the latest of the 5 non-invasive body contouring techniques approved by the FDA, the other four being laser, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, and focused ultrasound. Laser Wellness has introduced the HIFEM machines to clients on its new website

Interestingly, HIFEM is apparently more effective than the other 4 body contouring techniques mentioned above. While the other 4 procedures only help to reduce fat, the HIFEM technology assures to not only burn fat but also to stimulate and tone up muscle development. 

Laser Wellness is currently offering multiple HIFEM machines, including the highly popular Emsculpt (with 2 paddles) and HIEM Pro (with 5 paddles). 

Introduced in 2018, the HIFEM technology works to strengthen and tone up the muscles as well as reduce fat simultaneously.  The technology is designed to deliver focused electromagnetic fields into the treatment area that leads to supramaximal muscle contradictions. HIFEM directly stimulates the motor neurons which facilitates a high rate of contraction and expansion of body muscles that regular exercise can’t do. 

“Our cutting-edge HIFEM machines stimulate extremely powerful muscle contractions that result in deep remodeling of muscle fibers. Simultaneously, the technology boosts the metabolism and decomposition rate of fat cells that eventually leads to loss of stubborn fat and a toned sculpted look. A single 30-minute session would be adequate to stimulate 20,000-30,000 strong muscle contractions”, stated the leading spokesperson from Laser Wellness.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, each HIFEM session lasts for 30 minutes. In the initial stage, the machine is set at a low power to avoid unwanted stress on muscles. After that, the power level is turned up, based on the client’s tolerance level. In the final stage of the treatment, the machine is dialed down to wind up the whole process with some slow deliberate contractions. It helps to flush out toxins and lactic acid from the body, eliminating unwanted build-up that eventually prevents the muscles from feeling completely over-exercised.

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed that the HIFEM body contouring treatment must not be confused with the weight loss process.

“It’s to stress here that body contouring is no shortcut to weight loss. There is a very sharp difference between fat reduction and weight loss. It’s to stress here, body contouring treatment is designed to reduce the percentage of fat in the treated area. There is a certain number of fat cells in the body. HIFEM body contouring treatments help to destroy or remove these fat cells which eventually helps get rid of stubborn fat from certain parts of the body, say abdomen. This way, the treatment can contour and tone up your body at a higher level which is not possible to achieve through mere diet and exercise. But, again, it’s not another weight loss treatment- rather body contouring is something that you  may take up in addition to diet and exercise for a complete contouring, toning and weight loss journey.”

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