Los Angeles Chiropractor Dr. Steven Becker Voted Top Rated Local 2021 Winner

Award-winning chiropractor treats chronic pain with customized, professional care.

LOS ANGELES – September 22, 2021 – Dr. Steven Becker is pleased to announce he has been voted the Best Chiropractor in Los Angeles by Top Rated Local. Dr. Becker, who has been providing first-class chiropractic treatment for 30 years, was recognized for his excellence in caring for patients in need of relief from pain and many other medical issues.

“It is an honor to receive the 2021 Top Rated Local award for business in California,” said Dr. Becker. “The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a range of body pain issues, and over the last two years, my patients have needed chiropractic treatment for everything from sciatica and neck pain to headaches, tailbone pain, herniated discs, sports injuries, whiplash and TMJ pain. I’m so grateful that they have benefited from my treatments and chose to recognize me as a Top Rated Local.”

Dr. Becker focuses on providing quality, personalized chiropractic care services to his Los Angeles patients. His treatments resolve pain, restore function, enhance mobility and allow patients to return to the best level of daily activities as quickly as possible.

Dr. Becker has mastered the art and science behind treating a range of chronic pain conditions, as he has also been recognized as one of the best Los Angeles chiropractors by major magazines and health directories in his field. He was voted one of the Best Chiropractors in L.A. by his peers in Los Angeles Magazine from 2018-2021 and by his patients in LA City Voter in 2018. He was also featured in “Healthgrades” and “Expertise.”

Visit Dr. Becker’s website for the latest chiropractic news, informational chiropractic videos and health tips, such as taking care of yourself during the pandemic.

“Tailbone pain from sitting on hard chairs and not moving your body enough is a huge issue, along with post-COVID-19 symptoms such as vertigo, digestive problems, loss of energy, insomnia and other sleep problems. These issues can last for days, weeks or months. Chronic pain does not go away without proper diagnosis, treatment and a change of habits. Whether you are a working professional or a weekend warrior, after a few treatments, patients are experiencing significant relief from our custom chiropractic treatments with proven, conservative, non-surgical solutions based on their specific issues. And, don’t forget to get up from your chairs at least every 20 minutes to stretch.”

Dr. Becker offers a free chiropractic care consultation in Los Angeles and is always available to answer any questions. His office is located at 1180 S. Beverly Drive, just one block south of Beverly Hills and just east of Century City.

Contact Dr. Becker at 310-277-8822 or visit drstevenbecker.com for more information and check out all of Dr. Becker’s 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

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