Fitness Trainer Reimagines Ancient Exercise Regimen that Brings High Intensity Workout in as Little as 5-Minutes

International professional surfing coach and fitness trainer, Rokas Bakstys, has reimagined an ancient martial arts exercise regimen that delivers a high intensity workout with a low impact in as little as 5 minutes, using weighted ropes.

For centuries, martial arts has practiced a physical and mental exercise known as “Rope Flow,” using a chain whip or meteor hammer. Bakstys altered this relatively unknown Kung Fu routine with a weighted rope he imagined, bringing the same mental and physical endurance as the ancient exercise.

Bakstys says he always wanted to integrate Rope Flow into his surfing training routine but didn’t feel comfortable using a weapon with his clients. After he couldn’t find anything on the market, he recreated the physical and mental exercise using three different types of weighted ropes. He named it, Octomoves.

“Rope Flow is unique because it connects the mind and body together with an exercise that will leave you winded within the first 5 minutes of trying it,” said Bakstys. “Most training routines focus on either the body or the mind – one or the other – but rarely both. Rope Flow forces you to focus, while the weighted rope continually works your muscles.”

Bakstys says Rope Flow can also improve mobility and joint health, increase cardio, reduce anxiety and stress, and maintain cognitive function as people age. Each weighted rope comes with videos and training modules that demonstrate Rope Flow variations.

“You can benefit from these exercises with as little as 5 minutes a day,” said Bakstys. “But the more you play with it, the more you gain. If you are just starting your active lifestyle, start with as little as 5 minutes a day. And as you practice these exercises daily, your body will adapt, and you will see fast results.”

How Rope Flow Brings the Mind and Body Together

Octomoves put the muscles through a full range of motions that include extension, flexion, internal and external rotation. 

The classic figure-8 routine opens the hips and relieves tension in the middle back – areas that frequently stiffen over time. The exercise also activates the glutes and deep core that can relax after prolonged sitting.

Mental Focus

The Flow state requires users to concentrate on the rope while exercising, bringing a mental release of tension. As users enter the Flow state, Bakstys says they will experience a form of moving meditation, lifting their stress and anxiety. 

Cardio Factor

Users can choose the cardio intensity with Rope Flow, opting for either a slow and steady session or more high intensity intervals. And since users aren’t jumping up and down, it places minimal impact on the joints.

Cognitive Function

Learning any new challenging skill activates the brain and improves cognitive function. 

Bakstys says this cognitive function also applies with Rope Flow where users must learn a new exercise routine, while integrating patterns on a weighted rope. This attention to detail improves cognitive function as users practice and learn new movements.

“I’ve been using Octomoves with my personal clients, and they all say they feel instant benefits,” said Bakstys. “I also see how Rope Flow improves their coordination and mobility while their mind becomes more focused. It’s like a Zen state that strengthens the muscles while the mind focuses on the exercises.”


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