The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge gives students the confidence needed to tackle the new school year.

Fort Worth, TX – September 22, 2021 – The pandemic has upended every aspect of life. With homeschooling, shifting priorities, and a move away from consistent learning and skills building, many students have seen a drop in their academic performance. Finding ways to help students has also become difficult. Online advice is inconsistent or not specific enough to meet student needs, and busy teachers aren’t always available to offer one-on-one help. Fortunately, parents and students now have access to The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge: The Step-By-Step Method to Help Your Middle Schooler Write Awesome Paragraphs in 30 Days.

The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge is an easy to understand online challenge designed specifically to help middle schoolers in grades six-10 to develop skills and gain confidence. The course will teach students the mechanics of writing great paragraphs, how to write different types of paragraphs, including descriptive, how-to, and compare/contrast styles, and how to become better readers and standardized test-takers by recognizing the components of writing that are scored and analyzed in middle and high school academics.

“What The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge really teaches is confidence,” explains Ashley Reaves, an experienced tutor and the creator of the Challenge. “We know that students who don’t understand the mechanics of writing paragraphs or who know only some of the technical aspects, but who don’t have full mastery of those skills aren’t confident in their school work. That can lead to stress, anxiety and can lead to students no longer enjoying school. The Challenge gives them back their confidence. They know that whatever the writing assignment is that they are given, they can tackle it with skill.”

The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge provides students with step-by-step instructions. Before moving on to the next skills concept, students have the chance to fully master each step. Unlike in busy classrooms, students will receive personalized one-on-one feedback so that they fully understand the skill being taught. Students will also receive personalized writing prompts to ensure that they are engaged and are having fun writing about subjects that are of interest to them. Along with technical writing skills, Reaves teaches students how to overcome stress and anxiety.

The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge is delivered online via email with daily videos and personalized feedback and engagement. Students work on a short writing assignment during the week and take weekends off to relax or catch up. The 30 Day Write Awesome Paragraphs Challenge starts September 30, 2021, with a new 30 Day Challenge starting every Monday.

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