Sanitary Napkin Manufacturer Tackling Period Poverty Worldwide

Aster manufactures a range of high-quality and affordable period products including, period diapers, menstrual diapers, and sanitary napkins.

According to a 2021 BMC Women’s Health study, an estimated 500 million people worldwide are not able to access sanitary period products, such as sanitary napkin panties and menstrual diapers. 

The study also found that nearly two-thirds of menstruating people in the U.S. who have low incomes were not able to afford menstrual products in the last year. This meant more women were skipping work and school or were unable to carry out their everyday duties while on their period.

It has been reported that people who lack access to menstrual products are forced to use rags, toilet paper, and even children’s diapers. There are many risks linked to using these alternative products, including infections of the urinary and genital systems.

This is where Aster comes in. Aster is a sanitary napkin panties manufacturer on a mission to address the availability and affordability of menstrual products. The company ships to wholesalers and customers all over the world and they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of period diapers, menstrual diapers, and sanitary napkins.

Their factory is equipped with the most advanced technology available in China. This means Aster is capable of mass-producing its products at a very competitive price. Their products are safe, sanitary, and of the highest quality. They are manufactured in a sterile environment and every order is individually checked to ensure it meets global standards.

Aster menstrual diapers or period diapers are one of their best-selling products. They are made from organic cotton for ultimate softness, which makes them an ideal option for sleeping in. The diapers are also lightweight and have an elastic waster for added comfort. They are also fast-absorbing and can hold more liquid than other traditional products. They are manufactured with a pull-up design and are very easy to wear and change.

Similar to the diapers, Aster’s range of sanitary napkins are made from high-quality natural cotton, which keeps women dryer for longer throughout the day.

Aster is proud to be providing women all around the world with affordable and high-quality period diapers, and sanitary napkins. The company has amassed over 3000 customers globally in its 18 years of business and has received a customer satisfaction rating of 99%.

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