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Advanced antibody biochemistry and engineering are specialties of Creative Biolabs, which, thanks to more than a decade of exploration and expansion, presents research and service capabilities spanning the full new drug discovery and development pipeline, extending from early discovery to pre-clinical assessments and cGMP production.

New York, USA – September 23, 2021 – Immunotherapy has progressed to a point where ADC-based targeted treatment or precision medicine is dominating. With so many ADCs in clinical trials, it’s clear that the dawn of ADCs has arrived. Years ago, Creative Biolabs has established a center specialized in ADC biotechnology offering ADC solutions and products for international customers, which has strived to reach a leading position among all CROs.


The entire one-stop ADC development service covers ADC design and ADC development, which initiates with antibody screening to determine the antigen, antibody, internalizing antibody, and payload. The second step is ADC assembly that through a properly set chemical linker, the antibody and payload will be bridged with desired releasing mechanism, forming a conjugation that needs to be subsequently analyzed on its biochemical characteristics, efficacy, and pharmacological parameters.

Every ADC molecule needs to undergo strict assessments in the preclinical stages. Creative Biolabs launched comprehensive analysis programs to provide an overall evaluation of the ADC molecule, to ensure that the generated ADC or clients’ ADC can be fully analyzed and clearly understood to see if it has clinical potentials.

ADC in vitro analysis:

* Biochemical analysis: structural analysis, stability analysis, DAR determination, conjugation sites analysis
* Affinity evaluation, internalization assay, ADC cytotoxicity assay, ADCC and CDC
* 3D in vitro platform

ADC in vivo analysis:

* Pharmacokinetics characterization
* Safety assessment
* In vivo efficacy
* Immunogenicity analysis

Creative Biolabs has in-stock products for every component of an ADC molecule, as well as customized ADCs, and anti-Ab ADCs for proof-of-concept feasibility validation, which can be delivered immediately or used in the projects of customers as requested. It is guaranteed that those products are satisfactory in quality and in compliance with authoritative regulations and guidelines.

Learn more about Creative Biolabs ADC sector at https://www.creative-biolabs.com/adc.


Creative Biolabs has built leadership in targeted immunotherapy and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development after years of striving for excellence, providing a one-stop-shop for all elements of ADC research and development, including antigen selection, antibody production/optimization, payload-linker synthesis, ADC conjugation, and different phases of ADC characterization and pre-clinical assessment. For rapid deployment and idea validation, the product catalog also includes a large number of linkers, payloads, payload-linker sets, and ADCs for wide usage.

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