Meet Jas-Zey: Chicago Music Sensation Garnering Increasing Recognition

The fast-rising artist is slowly, but steadily making a name for himself in the music industry thanks to quality, unique sounds.

Sep 23, 2021 – For those that have heard about, or are fans of ‘Jas-Zey’, the stories of her name, upbringing, journey, and lifestyle have been elusive. More so for those that haven’t even heard of her at all. You might not know her name right off the bat but the rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago have always been about the bigger picture.

Since the release of her recent debut single, Bliss, Jas-Zey has not looked back, fostering an understanding in her self-taught song writing ability combined with her unique talent. Since then, she has taken the music world by storm, created her unique style by combining multiple contemporary music genres, and worked on numerous other collaborative projects.

In a recent interview, the artist is quoted to have said: “Why music? Well, it’s kind of like therapy for me I’ve always was drawn to it I always used to write but I never knew I can do it sound I built up enough courage to start writing and putting things out. I’ve been writing since I was 16 but I was ashamed ever show my stuff to people I thought it was stupid and I didn’t even think I was talented enough, to be honest until I start showing people some of the stuff I wrote and I write all my own stuff”.

Jas-Zey is an artist defying the odds. She started from covers and has grown into an artist that writes unique and quality music. She brings her own unique style to the music industry. She is also an actress and model and can be watched on a TV show on ShowTime called, ‘The Chi’, and a Netflix TV show called, ‘Never Have I Ever’. She also has a sustainable fashion line called ‘ showing an entrepreneurial side to her already unique and amazing qualities.

She is currently finishing up her next album called ‘Never Have I Ever’. The first song on the album is will be ‘Bliss’.

To download, stream and listen to Bliss and other tracks by Jas-Zey, use the links below:

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