Kefar Nahum Unveils Luxury Soy Candles for Homes and Families.

Scented candles create an intimate atmosphere and release relaxing aromas. Kefar Nahum introduces luxury candles that provide more advantages and the best experience of aromatic candles.

Candles have been used as a symbol of mankind’s celebration and light source for over 5,000 years. In the modern era, candles with essential oils are getting more and more popular. They offer many advantages and create a peaceful ambiance. Choosing suitable aromatic candles for the homes will give an extra luxurious impression and a warm atmosphere to welcome guests. One of the perfect home scented candles ideal for home is Luxury candles by Kefar Nahum.

Kefar Nahum introduces soy candles for home scented, ideal for a decorative accent and other advantages like illuminating the dark corners, creating an intimate atmosphere, and providing a fresh scent that increases the mood. It is made of 100% natural soy wax infused with essential oils. Natural soy wax does not contain toxins and harmful residues, and it burns longer and more fully. The extra infused essential oil allows the candle to release an elegant fragrance, calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality.

Kefar Nahum has carefully created four luxury scented candles with different essential oils for customers; low-key exquisite silver cup candles provide two scented candles, Blue Ice and Prayer. Noble and luxurious black cup candles provide Rouge Flowers and Amber & Tuberose scented candles. The silver cup candle is 7.8 oz and can burn for about 45 hours. The black cup candle is 5.6 oz, which can burn for about 35 hours. To ensure the authenticity and quality of soy candles, Kefar Nahum is handmade, and the essential oils are derived from natural plants.

During Kefar Nahum’s consultation with customers who have used candles, a woman who loves yoga commented on this candle: “I especially like Kefar Nahum’s Rouge Flowers scented candles. Every time I do yoga at home, I will light the candles. Accompanied by the aroma of candles to enter a state of body relaxation, it makes me feel particularly comfortable during exercise.” Another middle-aged man commented, “I bought two Kefar Nahum candles, one is in the office, One is placed in the bathroom. Blue Ice scented candles are placed in the office. When I feel annoyed or tired at work, I will light the candles for a few hours. I use the scent to relieve my pressure.Regarding the candle’s aroma, my colleague said, the scent is a bit strong, and maybe I often smell this scent. I am used to it.” It can be understood that customers who have used Kefar Nahum luxury candles are still delighted with the candles. This candle is very suitable for relaxing. When used, it can reduce the fatigue of the human body.

About Kefar Nahum Candles

Kefar Nahum Candles is a scented candle made of natural soy wax and selected essential oils ingredients. They are available in four types of candles with essential oils like blue ice, prayer, rouge flowers, and amber & tuberose. Scented candles create peace, well-being and are ideal for home decoration, yoga, bathroom, bedroom, and more. The Kefar Nahum luxury candles are available on Amazon, and prices start from $15.99 to $29.99. For more information about the candles and benefits from scented wax candles, please visit

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