Imperium Energy Empowers Homeowners with Solar Panel Solutions

Los Angeles – At a time when solar power is becoming more and more popular, people are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bill. While many homeowners have turned to increasing their energy efficiency in order to reduce their reliance on the grid, they still need access to an electrical source during times of low sun or inclement weather.  One company that can provide this service is Imperium Energy. Their product line allows homeowners who want solar panels installed on their homes without the hassle of actually installing them themselves.

Sustainable energy is the key to cleaner household consumption and less reliance on power companies. Homeowners can now save money, become more independent in their lifestyles, while not having a negative impact on our environment thanks to solar technology becoming cheaper than ever before. Power Companies have been raising rates despite population growth as they lose reliability because of an aging grid system which was created when there were only about 3 people per square mile.

Ever since its inception, Imperium Energy has been an innovator in the solar industry. The company offers a turnkey experience to homeowners from start-to-finish and is committed to putting you first by providing an all inclusive solution that includes complimentary on site estimating before installation of your brand new solar panels installed by their own team of fully licensed electrical technicians.

Imperium Energy is a full home energy solution provider serving the Los Angeles region with plans to expand into additional markets. Imperium’s number one priority is complete customer satisfaction; and they are family-owned, making their experience personal for each homeowner.

Imperium Energy has a lot to offer in the way of energy-saving technology. From their cool roofs that can provide lower air conditioning costs, HVAC units that are energy efficient, to microinverters that convert the sun’s light into clean and renewable energy for your home, Imperium Energy is dedicated to always providing its customers with innovative new products.

Press Relations Officer Adam Walsworth states, “It is now more important than ever for America to get serious about energy independence. With all the climate changes like drought and natural disasters, plus volatile rate increases from local power companies, it’s clear that solar & batteries are our best option going forward. By investing in solar panels on your roof or a power battery bank in your residence you can watch as your home value goes up while utility bills go down- thanks to tax credits offered by Uncle Sam himself.”

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About Imperium Energy

Imperium Energy is a green energy solutions company revolutionizing the home energy market. Imperium Energy believes in empowering people through innovative energy systems with trust, quality, transparency, and complete homeowner satisfaction. Proudly having installed and maintained  many solar systems throughout the Los Angeles region, Imperium Energy is building an experience that is paving the way for environmentally and financially conscious homeowners to rethink about the benefits of solar power.

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