DG1 Enables AI Translations inside the DG1 CMS System, Helps SMEs Set Up Multilanguage Web Systems

The DG1 Group offers an enterprise experience for businesses of all sizes.

Entrepreneurs need an e-business system to catch and retain new consumers — growing their digital revenues in the process. DG1 Group provides an e-business system that helps business owners manage their website, e-commerce, mobile app, campaigns, newsletters, push notifications, promotion engine, scheduling, big data and more. It is the first horizontal SaaS solution with advanced verticals inside a single environment – making enterprise-grade online systems usable and accessible to SMEs.

DG1 Group makes things even better for businesses by enabling AI translations powered by the Deepl engine inside the DG1 CMS system. This upgrade allows SMEs to set up multilanguage web systems and globalize their business. With the multi-site feature, DG1 offers a new way of expansion with full control over digital environments and data ownership — enabling the SME transition to the next decade where AI will play a major role with the all-in-one digital growth system.

“Approximately 25 percent of internet users are English speaking. Content translations for multilanguage websites and online systems are one of the major pain points inside the SME environment. With one interface instead of many, DG1 is much easier to use, and an integrated translation engine opens the doors to a global audience for any SME,” stated DG1 CEO Gregor Zebic.

In addition to the new multilanguage web CMS system, DG1 Group also offers iOS and Android mobile management APP, bringing SMEs’ online business data directly into their pockets.

The SaaS provider offers 14 days free trial without credit card need. By completing seven simple tasks inside the system, SMEs can upgrade within the first 30 days for free. So anyone has more than enough time to go live with a new digital landscape —all-in-one environments providing all a company needs to grow in digital commerce: e-commerce, website, scheduling, multichannel interaction system, automation, android mobile app and big data ownership.

DG1 Group aims to change the usability of online systems and enable digitalization and AI transition through data ownership for SMEs. Many businesses use third-party services for their convenience, but these service providers often actively prevent their users from accessing customer data. The DG1 platform eases the data disparity between SMEs and large corporations and was designed to return control into the hands of business owners.

With over 20 years of experience in digital product development and enterprise systems, DG1 Group is committed to making the DG1 platform a tool for the future by capitalizing on the ownership of customer data through advanced technologies, automation and AI — all readily available as a single all-round solution for the SME market.

More information can be found at https://dg1.com/.

About DG1 Group Holdings Inc

DG1 is a cloud-based all-in-one digital growth platform for SMEs. With six verticals inside a single environment, companies can manage e-commerce, website, booking/scheduling, Mobile app, communication campaigns, and big-data with one login and without any engineering resources. DG1 business model includes free future upgrades and free future technologies with predictable pricing while scaled. DG1 is changing usability and how we manage the digital with the goal to empower SMEs inside upcoming AI and big-data transition.

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