Bring My Song To Life Makes Special Occasions More Memorable Through Personalized Music

Bring My Song To Life Makes Special Occasions More Memorable Through Personalized Music

While valued differently by people, gift-giving is still widely heralded as an important human interaction that not only helps define relationships but also strengthens the connection between family and friends. It comes naturally for some, but others feel the pressure involved in thinking of the perfect item that could encapsulate twenty years of marriage, express one’s appreciation of their partner or relay feelings of regret after wrongdoing. Bring My Song To Life makes the process easier as this one-of-a-kind venture ups the gift-giving game by providing individuals and families the opportunity to wow their loved ones with a beautifully crafted custom song.

A fast-growing company composed of highly talented professional musicians, producers, and songwriters, Bring My Song To Life is under the umbrella of Tunedly, the innovative music production and music publishing company created in 2016 by Chris Erhardt and Mylène Besançon. It was conceptualized as a solution for people plagued with the headache of looking for creative and unique gifts. “To the best of our knowledge, we are the first music-as-a-gift service that lets clients hire their favorite artist,” shared the minds behind this standout establishment. “Whether you are celebrating someone’s birthday, an anniversary, wedding day, a beautiful friendship, graduation, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or just as a show of appreciation, we will help you bring to life the perfect song to say exactly how you feel.”

The premise at the core of Bring My Song To Life’s signature offering is simple, and it is this simplicity that has piqued the interest of countless — it allows people to hire their favorite celebrity singer to record a personal song for themselves or a loved one’s special occasion. At the heart of this particular service is the recognition that music can be wielded to send across a message and connect with others.

Doing so on behalf of those who are nowhere near familiar with songwriting and composing music, Bring My Song To Life’s team of musicians jumpstarts the process by writing lyrics that capture the story shared by the gift-giver and receiver. With the approved lyrics in tow, they then proceed to giving a voice to what’s written on paper.

The personalized tracks produced by Bring My Song To Life are performed by the clients’ artists of choice. Among the roster of acclaimed singers who are currently lending their talents to help people give gifts to be remembered are Eva Clair, Kechi Okwuchi, Anilee List, Adam Barta, Michael Star, and James Maslow to name a few. In the future, this list is expected to include more prominent names from the music industry.

Since its launch, Bring My Song To Life has put the bow on numerous celebrations and occasions. Thanks to its personalized music, many have created another memory to be shared and remembered with their loved ones.

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