Author Veronica “Vee” Thornton Release Train of Thoughts Featuring Poetry, Essay, and Short Stories Worldwide

24 September, 2021 – Cleveland, OH – Veronica “Vee” Thornton, a bestselling author, has announced the release of her second book, Train of Thoughts. A collection of writings that include poetry, essays, and short stories, Train of Thoughts has been acclaimed for its engaging and thought-provoking nature by early readers, who have given the book overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In Train of Thoughts, Vee finds a sensible yet simple way to use poetry, essays, and short stories to help her readers to look at the world through lenses different than their own. Starting conversations that lead us all to think empathetically and challenge our understanding of society, the book helps readers approach the complexities of modern less selfishly from a new perspective. On each page, Vee taps into her misfortunes and traumas to assist others in their emotional healing process. Vee’s first-hand understanding of hurtful words, societal pressures, and domestic violence help her connect with each reader and demonstrate the value of finding a way to move forward.

Each poem, essay, and the short story proves insightful and philosophical, making it the perfect self-help and self-care resource for people navigating challenges at any stage of life. Train of Thoughts shows there is always another way to look at things for those willing to try.

Get a copy of the book today for just $14.95 for paperback or $7.95 in Kindle digital format from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

About The Author

Veronica “Vee” Thornton is an American author. The author of “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me,” and a contributing author to over 15 anthologies, journals, and literary collaborations, she recently released her second book, “Train of Thoughts,” worldwide. Vee is the owner of Vee’s Consulting, a creative business consulting agency that specializes in literary content creation, creative writing, and business consulting, and she is one of the co-founders of The Creative Healing Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating programs and events that promote healing through the arts by providing safe spaces where others can openly speak about emotional and mental wellness.

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