Pharma Research acquires US patent for skin graft composition

Pharma Research acquires US patent for skin graft composition
Skin grafting is a surgical procedure used in skin transplantation to promote fusion with surrounding skin tissues.

Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin-kyu Kim, Ki-seok Kang) announced on September 24th that they have successfully obtained a US patent for skin graft composition.

The patent is entitled ‘A dermal layer for transplantation with increased engraftment rate and a method for manufacturing the same’. The skin graft material technology developed by Pharma Research is a composition containing nucleic acid and chitosan and is characterized by promoting fusion with surrounding tissues during skin transplantation and alleviating the initial inflammatory reaction after transplantation.

A skin graft material is an artificial skin tissue that regenerates skin tissue by transplanting the dermis into the damaged skin such as burns and chronic ulcers. The skin graft material manufactured by Pharma Research technology can act as an effective scaffold by promoting cell growth and differentiation.

An official from Pharma Research said, “The patent has already been registered in South Korea and Japan, and we plan to expand the patent countries to Europe in the future. We will continue to research and develop related products using the composition technology.”

Pharma Research is a biopharmaceutical company based on regenerative medicine that manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and health functional foods, focusing on tissue regeneration materials namely DOT™, PDRN and DOT™ PN. Representative items include Rejuran®, Conjuran®, Rejuran Cosmetics, and Lian® eye drops.

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