Upcoming artist/producer, and founder of TGB productions, Tadence, set to help underground and indie artists to limelight

Upcoming artist/producer, and founder of TGB productions, Tadence, set to help underground and indie artists to limelight

Gifted Houston-based upcoming artist/producer, and CEO of TGB productions, Tadence is poised to help underground and indie artists grow through their algorithm-based marketing strategies for artists. 

The future of music is evolving rapidly, and everyone has a chance to carve a piece of the pie in this revolution.

One of the music industry trends of 2020 to present is the power shift from major record labels to indie music. It is noted that indie music would become more desirable than signing with major labels. But this estimated success doesn’t come on a platter. It’s a widely known fact in music that even when the music is great, traction is not guaranteed.

This is where the services of TGB productions come into play. The company is proficient in helping indie artists connect with record labels and get full-time music production from its many different producers. The company has all the necessary paraphernalia in place to propel independent artists to success, including access to photographers, music producers, graphic designers and other artists, all wrapped in cheap and affordable packages.

”We guarantee your music in front of new ears and on all streaming platforms. As well as getting you in front of record labels to consult and even perform for them. We also provide tutorials and classes in music production and vocal training to enhance your skills, also at your disposal you will have our personal marketing team helping you grow your brand to ensure your success”, said the company founder, Tadence.

Tadence, born in Eatonville, Florida but from Silver Springs, Maryland started very early to show his innate ability to create and produce music. He has loved music his entire life. ”Music is my hobby, it’s my entire livelihood!”, Tadence remarked.

This gifted artiste created his company at the age of 19. Today, he’s one of the most versatile producers among his peers, with the unique ability to produce any genre full time. Tadence is also diligent in his craft, always available to engineer projects for artists on top of being available for features.

Tadence is not resting on his laurels yet. His debut single and Ep’s are set to hit the airwaves soon. The tracks will be about his story, all centralized around love, hate and trauma. An album, titled Miracle child, is also in the works, which will be released by the end of 2022.

Tadence has been in the music industry for a while and has seen the ups and downs of the industry. From his experiences, he revealed originality is the most valuable thing he’s learned in the music sector. ”The most valuable thing I have learned about this music industry is that, to stand out be unique. Nobody has ever made it being a copycat. Be yourself and eventually, you will make it in some capacity. Then, lastly never stop grinding”, Tadence remarked.

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