‘Refuse to Lose’ Reveals One Survivor’s Refusal to Give Up or Back Down Despite All Odds

The book teaches readers how to master their mindset, fortify their mental and emotional strength, through the mantra of refuse to lose.

Author Sonia Williams announces the nationwide release of her inspiring new book, “Refuse to Lose.” The book shows how everyday people like the author are surviving and succeeding in life even though they have faced a multitude of terrible injustices.

In her book, Williams describes the events and challenges she has faced in her life. Williams has found strength to rise above adversity with great courage that many people can look up too for inspiration on how they too can succeed when facing hard times. Whilst not a celebrity herself, Williams points out how society is often misled by the guidance of celebrities and icons. But down here, on the street, many everyday people have realistic stories to share. More often than not, they are more practical role models for those desperately trying to find a way to rise above and conquer their challenges.

“Refuse to Lose” offers advice based on real-life struggles, backed by scientific evidence. The author is not some war hero or high-status figure — just an average person who has found a way to successfully persevere through a range of issues. She has survived a dysfunctional family, fought for her career in finance, survived a sexual assault, estrangement from her family, infertility, an affair, business success and failures, twenty three operations to cure endometriosis, four more operations on her spine, drug addiction to pharmaceutical painkillers, anxiety, depression and many more challenges. Through it all, she has employed her mantra: Refuse to lose.

Williams wants readers to know they do not need to look up to a celebrity, sports personality or an influencer, because there are practical real life people just like her out there successfully surviving the jungle of life. Through the raw and compelling account of her experiences, Williams aims to provide hope and empowerment. She arms her readers with the determination to overcome their own struggles, believing if a regular person like herself can overcome the obstacles and adversities in life through her mantra Refuse to Lose, then so can the rest of society.

“I want you to see, feel and understand that I’ve lived it too. You are not on your own. Few people can be so genuinely frank. I can because I’ve been through so much worse. I am mentally unbreakable and with that comes an amazingly liberating feeling of empowerment,” shared the author.

Williams is an author, speaker and mental fitness coach who has experienced a range of tough times in her life. Her words are packed with wisdom for any person who needs help finding their way back again.

Her story is equally raw and revealing. It delivers refreshingly honest advice, based on actual lived experiences — giving readers real-time lessons they can use when faced with their own set of challenges.

More information can be found at https://www.soniawilliamsauthor.com/

About Refuse to Lose

“Refuse to Lose” is the new book of Sonia Williams, an author, speaker and mental fitness coach.

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