How Path Social is Helping Businesses and Influencers With Instagram Follower Growth

Path Social grows Instagram followers and engagement organically through promotion.

With over 500 million daily active users on the platform every day, Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses and influencers to grow their brand, following, and community. However, Instagram is also saturated with competition, which makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, many growth agencies offer growth support on Instagram. Many of these agencies, however, use automation and bots to grow profiles, and this results in little results and even worse, permanent bans since automation is against Instagram’s Terms of Service. Path Social is a new type of social media agency, using influencers, email, and other organic channels to help grow Instagram communities.

Path Social has been growing Instagram profiles for almost 10 years and doesn’t use any automation or bots, fully abiding by Instagram’s policies. Brands should be wary of any Instagram agency that asks for their Instagram password or uses any form of automation. So how does it work? Over the last decade, Path Social has built up an in-house audience of over 17 million active Instagram users through influencers, email subscribers, and online publications. All users are opt-in and are all looking for new content to discover and engage with. This results in relevant, engaging followers for a long-lasting Instagram community.

Besides being safe, Path Social makes Instagram follower growth incredibly easy. Signing up takes a couple of minutes and during the sign-up process, users can specify their target audience based on niche, hashtags, location, and more. Their Los Angeles team then reviews the profile and content to determine which types of users are most likely to engage with the brand. They’ll then grab the attention of relevant individuals in their network and start growing. As brands grow, more Instagram users will discover the profile and they will be more likely to engage and follow.

With the continued growth of Instagram, its power as a platform is undeniable. Businesses and influencers who ignore Instagram will face more difficult and more expensive customer acquisition. Users don’t only discover brands through Instagram, they also vet their quality of product or integrity of content through Instagram and social proof.

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