Lightning Learning saves K-12 students $2.5 million with crowdsourced learning platform

Lightning Learning is an innovative crowd-sourced edtech platform seeking to reduce educational inequality by blending gamification and social-network features.

Palm City, Florida – September 24, 2021 – Education inequality has always been a glaring problem in the US and the COVID-19 pandemic has widened the gap even further. Social learning edtech startup, Lightning Learning, is aimed to bridge this unwanted gap in education by crowdsourcing high-quality educational resources to help students all across the nation. The company’s product team hopes to increase student retention through the various community features and gamification elements present on the platform.

Based in South Florida, Lightning Learning offers quality free courses online as well as highly discounted tools and test prep for students and teachers all across the nation. Courses are available for all 38 AP subjects with a wide range of common core standards covered. Lightning Learning has grown to serve over 40,000 students monthly and has helped students save an estimated $2.5 million this year alone. 

(Gamification in Lightning Learning)

The social learning edtech startup was founded in 2018 by the then high-school freshman Joseph Semrai. Entering high school, Joseph was fast to recognize the vast disparity in contemporary education scenarios, especially based on a student’s geography. He was determined to help fix the problems he saw, forming the initial team that would go on to launch Lightning Learning

“Education inequality has always been a major problem in the US and the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed just how bad the problem is. At Lightning Learning, we are dedicated to mitigating this unwanted gap by democratizing education so that all students, irrespective of class, gender, or geographical location, get easy access to educational resources. The internet presents an amazing opportunity to eliminate the educational gap that exists due to geographical barriers”, stated Joseph. 

(Community Features in Lightning Learning)

Lightning Learning aims to democratize the whole learning environment. Currently supporting students through premium educational content and social-network like features, the company aims to further explore the gamification of education. Lightning Learning hopes that their gamification efforts will empower students to master their understanding of complex topics and pursue remote opportunities into the future.

(Assessment and Learning Tools in Lightning Learning)

“We are driven by the mission to present a robust platform that comes with a smart blend of education and socialization, backed by a huge library of content whether it be video lectures or exam cram guides. We’ve seen a lot of success with gamification, and we’re really looking forward to building an even more engaging community – a place where they can learn, socialize, and support one another safely online.”

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