San Diego DUI attorney and CDLA 2021 President Joshua J. Price played major role in rejection of AB282 Bill

Award winning San Diego DUI attorney Joshua J. Price convinced the Senate Public Safety Committee to reject Assembly Bill 282 (AB282) because it denied Judicial Diversion for misdemeanor DUI offenders.

San Diego, CA – September 24, 2021 – After much uproar, the Assembly Bill 282 (AB282), that denied eligibility for Judicial Diversion for DUI offenses, has been finally rejected by the Senate Public Safety Committee. One of the major figures who helped to defeat the bill before it could go to the Senate for a vote is leading San Diego DUI attorney and CDLA 2021 President Joshua J. Price. The award-winning DUI attorney was the main opposition witness to testify against the bill before the Senate Public Safety Committee.

Mr. Price’s testimony was taken on July 13, 2021.

Misdemeanors like DUI offenses must be penalized but the charges should not be so severe as to ruin the chances of correction for the offender. Penal Code Section 1001.95 that went into effect earlier this year authorized Judicial Diversion for most misdemeanor cases, including DUI offenses. Diversion lasts up to two years where the person often does at least everything s/he would have to do had s/he been convicted (classes, impact panels, counseling, rehab, self-help-meetings, etc.). If s/he abides by the required legal regulations and does everything being told to do, then the case will be dismissed at the end of diversion. 

But, when the Assembly Bill 282 (AB282) was proposed, it specifically denied DUI offenses the eligibility to attain Diversion, and thereby any chance of correction. However, good sense prevailed, and the bill has finally been rejected now, thanks to the indomitable testimony by the current CDLA President Mr. Joshua J. Price. 

“I was invited to testify before the Senate Public Safety Committee as the main opposition witness to AB282, which was successful as AB282 was defeated in that committee.  It was an incredible experience to be a part of the legislative process and to help defeat an extremely prejudicial bill,” stated Mr. Price.  

Speaking on his views in support of Diversion for DUI offense, the leading San Diego DUI attorney noted that the Diversion program can be largely beneficial in motivating people to turn their lives around. Citing his experiences, Mr. Price said that DUI offenders who had been granted Diversion before never appear in Court again!  

“I do not support drunk driving and I do not support people not being held accountable for committing a crime.  But I do support people getting the help they need to turn their lives around.  This is where a Diversion program plays a great role to help them reform themselves.” 

“The truth is when someone accused of a crime just walks into court and pleads guilty, most of those people do not learn and at least a quarter of them re-offend. Now, when you place those same people in a meaningful program, such as Diversion, where they must show accountability, responsibility and ownership of their actions, the change you see in them is amazing. If approximately 27% of DUI offenders re-offend, that is close to 27,000 people… we can get that number close to ZERO with diversion.” 

Speaking further, Mr. Price shared that he has personally done diversion for close to 30 people charged with DUI over the last 6 + years and he was amazed to see the positive changes brought by the program in the offenders. 

“I can honestly say it is the most rewarding part of my job,” the San Diego DUI attorney noted while speaking about the changes he witnessed in DUI offenders through Diversion.

“I also know that my family and friends are safer than before these men and women got treatment.” 

Diversion is a way to hold people accountable, get them the treatment they need and make the world a safer place. Why not give people with no prior DUI convictions something to work towards? People who face losing their careers (Doctors, Nurses), children (custody battles), and deportation (DACA).   

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