Button for Google Calendar™: The revolutionary extension for Google Chrome

“I just wanted to do a good job. I have no plans to monetize this extension. I want thousands of users to be able to continue using the extension they are used to. Some have been using it for five years now. And I did it.” – Vladimir Yankovich, the creator of Button for Google Calendar™.

Vladimir Yankovich has extensive experience in IT product management. Vladimir thrives the most when it comes to developing browser extensions, launching products from scratch, and designing interfaces. He has served as a Co-founder of the online accounting service Assistent. By. Vladimir has successfully controlled products at Emex.ru and Yandex.Browser. 

He has led businesses like cashback service Yamaneta.com and Aliexpress shopping assistant Alitools.io. Currently, Vladimir is working on a browser extension to replace the Google Chrome “new tab.” This revolutionary extension will change the way people use Google Chrome. 

At the beginning of 2021, over 5 Million people worldwide found it hard to accept that one of their favorite Chrome extensions was shut. Just like most of us who believe that all good things come to an end, the users of the Google Calendar™ extension moved on, looking for alternatives. But Vladimir Yankovich, a developer from Belarus, believed that great things must live on forever and reached Manas Tungare, the creator of the original extension, before launching Button for Google Calendar™

Initially, Manas started this project as a hackathon encouraged by the Chrome and Calendar teams at Google. Later he launched the Chrome Extensions API publicly. After over ten years of triumph and numerous attempts to convince the Calendar team to adopt it as part of their first-party roadmap, Manas decided to shut down the project formally. 

Vladimir offered to transfer the project to him for support, but Manas was worried about reputational risks. However, the project is open-source, and Manas suggested launching a copy. Vladimir was happy to hear that, and he jumped at the opportunity as this was the only chance to keep the decade-old project alive. Finally, he launched the Button for Google Calendar™. Today, once again, the users can get an overview of their Google Calendar™ in just one click.

Button for Google Calendar™ is an exact replica of the legendary extension. Vladimir ensured that the users should get the most straightforward, freely available extension that they deserve. Hence, Button for Google Calendar™ is free and open-source. Moreover, it provides notifications and empowers users to join meetings quickly.

No matter how we organize our to-do list and calendar, it’s quite possible to forget our high-priority meetings in our day-to-day chaotic mess. Button for Google Calendar™ sends you constant reminders of upcoming events from your Google Calendar™. In addition, it Sends push notifications following the meeting settings. 

Sometimes, shortcuts make it easy to save time. Imagine getting access to the conference links from your events without opening the calendar. Yes, Button for Google Calendar™ provides direct access to conference links with just a click. Furthermore, it supports every video conferencing platform like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Plus, you can create new events quickly without leaving the current page. 

Most importantly, Button for Google Calendar™ allows users to get complete control of the notifications. You can simply change the settings as per your preferences. It displays meetings and events only from selected calendars.

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