How Tiffany R. Easley is Making a Huge Difference in the Lives of Women Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness

How Tiffany R. Easley is Making a Huge Difference in the Lives of Women Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness

Being diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness such as cancer can be very daunting to any woman. For a lot of women, their lives are put on hold so they can focus on their treatment and recovery. In reality, many of them also get displaced even after completing their treatment, afraid of doing the things they used to do before they got diagnosed for fear that they might be pushing themselves too far. Motivational speaker and company owner Tiffany R. Easley believes that every woman diagnosed with a chronic illness deserves every chance possible to live their lives to the fullest. 

Tiffany is a successful Prescription Benefit Management professional and has created a solid record in driving process improvement and positive results. In the 15 years she spent in Prescription Benefits, she has been responsible for over $80 million in annual revenue, while maintaining close customer relations with her clients. She has mastered the art of building lasting relationships, motivating people, managing projects, and presenting information in a clear and comprehensive way. 

Tiffany is the President and Director of Tiffany R Easley Enterprises Inc., a company that excels in training, coaching, and empowering other women, most especially professional ones who have been diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness. Tiffany herself is a cancer survivor and has experienced all the ups and downs of fighting the diseases, but not without any help from her loved ones and support group. Through her company, she gives women living with cancer a concrete course of action that they can follow to gain freedom from stagnation. 

Aside from being a SOAR strategist, Tiffany is also a book author and has published several materials, including Soulful Prayers, The Journey to Soar Beyond, and Victorious Affirmations for Women. She is also an ovarian cancer advocate, a Survivor THRIVER™, and a John Maxwell Team certified speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work, allowing her to connect with her clients in an extraordinary manner. Her empathy, compassion, and drive empower other people fuel her advocacies and other endeavors in life. Tiffany also has a dual MBA in Marketing and General Management, giving her a distinct perspective of things in this field. 

She also curates and hosts her own podcast called The Tiffany Easley Show—SOAR with Tiffany, which is being streamed on seven digital platforms. Tiffany’s lovable, energetic, and inspiring personality adds fire to her common talks on fashion, fun, and staying fabulous despite living with a chronic illness. She remains at the forefront of promoting SurvivorTHRIVER and their SOARing Lifestyle. 

Apart from her personal experience being the primary inspiration behind the creation of her company, Tiffany was also motivated by her desire to become an answer to some of the problems encountered by professional women diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness. By providing them with the resources, tools, and strategies they need to be able to live their lives to the fullest despite their condition, Tiffany hopes to make a significant difference in their unique journey of survival. 

Having started her company with such a deep passion to help others, Tiffany has high hopes for Tiffany R Easley Enterprises Inc. In the next couple of years, she aspires to see her company become the world’s most notable consulting and coaching brand, providing clients with a tested and proven strategy that are designed to help professional women level up by living purposefully, thriving in their chosen field, and SOAR to greater heights. 

Through her resources and strategies, Tiffany is committed to empower women to rise above their diagnosis and realize that they have the power to take control of their lives and live beautifully. She also wishes to help them see that their lives need not be put on hold despite their condition; they can choose to live abundantly and productively with a little help from her team. 

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