Wellness Magnified LLC, Introduces the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System, The Best Performing HEPA Air Purifier in The Market

The Atmosphere Sky is the world’s largest selling and most dependable, home air treatment product available today.

Wellness Magnified LLC, a distributor of health products, brings the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System into the marketplace through its online platform. According to the company, the Atmosphere Sky™ is the best performing HEPA Air Purifier among top competitors for removing viruses, allergens, and over 300 other contaminants in rooms up to 465 cubic feet.

The Atmosphere Sky™ carries the prestigious ECARF Seal of Quality, signifying that it underwent thorough scientific testing by an accredited, third-party laboratory and brings the next generation of clean air into homes around the world.

The British Allergy Foundation boasts that the “Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System provides unparalleled performance, engineering, and designs.”

The Foundation has given the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System an Allergy UK Seal of Approval. This proves that the product sets a new standard for home air quality and has been engineered for better air. The product not only manages air quality, but users can also control it with the Atmosphere Connect™ mobile app.

A study by the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that indoor air can be two to five times and occasionally more than 100 times more polluted than outside air. Air at home, for example, can be full of particles that may be harmful to one’s health, like allergens and carcinogenic molecules, among others.

Now that health and wellness are the priority of many households, especially during everyone’s battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, families look for products that safeguard their well-being.

The global company Amway created the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System to give people higher-quality air indoors. To browse, shop, and know more about the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System, visit https://www.atmosphereairpurifier.com.

About Wellness Magnified, LLC

Wellness Magnified, LLC is a company dedicated to providing the best health solutions on the market. Its latest product, the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System, removes 99.99% of airborne particles as small as .0024 microns. These particles are 30,000 times smaller than the width of a single human hair. The company’s mission is to help ensure as many homes, schools, nursing homes, and even your workplace are equipped to provide cleaner air to our loved ones and keep them safe during these uncertain times.

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