BankSocial Releases Mobile Application

BlockSocial Technologies Inc, the parent company of BankSocial™, has released its first mobile application for Android Operating Systems which is available to download on Google Play Store. This application will help to deliver financial services to BankSocial users around the world.

BankSocial Releases Mobile Application

BlockSocial Technologies Inc, the parent company of BankSocial™, has released its mobile application for Android Operating Systems. The BankSocial™ Mobile app is now available for download on Google Play Store. 

The BankSocial™ application will play a critical role in the organization’s ecosystem when the first blockchain-enabled, financial services are released. Additionally, the app allows users to trade digital assets across multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, allows for the use of decentralized applications (dApps), and will allow for the storage and transfer of NFTs.

While all traders can utilize the BankSocial™ app to invest in and swap their desired digital assets, the app will play a pivotal role for users who hold $BSL. Specifically, the app will be used to stake $BSL for access to certain services and also provides direct access to the BankSocial™ Support Portal and will provide $BSL holders with advanced notice of new platform releases and features in the BankSocial™ ecosystem.

“We needed to make our firm stand in the market by offering our first product to the public as fast as possible,” said Alireza Dehghan, the company’s COO “This application will sync with most BlockSocial platforms in the near future”

John Wingate, CEO of BlockSocial stated, “the BankSocial™ app is just one of the ways we’re continually building value for our community. The app is jam-packed with features hand-selected by $BSL holders and will continually be updated to best support our growing ecosystem. While trading digital assets tend to lend itself to anonymity, the application leverages the blockchain to allow us to share news and updates directly with each of our token holders. Our Application is just one example of how BlockSocial is already distributing traditional FinTech and at a record pace through BankSocial™.”

BankSocial™ plans to introduce new and exciting features with each update of the application. In future iterations, BankSocial™ will introduce gamification and the coveted ability to purchase digital assets directly with a debit card or from a user’s bank account. By enabling direct fiat to digital asset purchases, BankSocial™ will reduce barriers to entry for many global users.

BankSocial™ is revolutionizing the way blockchain is used for finance. For more information about BankSocial™, $BSL, or BlockSocial Technologies, visit

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