Beatrice Landed on NASDAQ Screen, Showing the Charm of Made in China

Beatrice, owned by CIMM Institute, landed on the NASDAQ screen recently. Times Square in New York ushered in a beautiful wave color, which was red and blue that belongs to Beatrice. This high-end hyaluronic acid brand from China, in this way, transmitted its voice to the whole world for the first time. Its short statements, “Only Show Your True Colors” and “Only Joy Yourself”, were highlighted on the semi-curved LCD screen of the Highlight-NASDAQ trading center with the highest exposure in the world, showing the world the confidence of this high-end hyaluronic acid research and development brand in China.

Times Square in Manhattan, New York, is known as “the crossroads of the world”. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, once proudly said, “When you talk to anyone in China or the world about what New York is, you can say that Broadway and Times Square are New York.” As the New Yorkers’ saying goes, “You can’t count as having been to the United States until you get to New York, and you can’t count as having been to New York until you get to Times Square.”

The charm of Chinese manufacturing will knock on the next decade.

From the very beginning of brand establishment, CIMM Institute has never changed the original intention of Beatrice brand establishment, which is “Taking numerous patented technologies as the supporting dimension and developing every product with the craftsman spirit.” Beatrice, a Chinese brand, has the product power comparable to the international first-line brands. From the beginning, it cooperated with NMI Research Institute in Germany and relied on products manufactured by HOPM. Today, the quality control of Beatrice products is far higher than that of products that exceed European standards, bringing users a better medical and aesthetic experience.

Many brands used this big screen to create the atmosphere before and after the listing of US stocks, which virtually gave this screen the hidden attribute of “giant cradle”. As a new force of traditional medicine research and development, Beatrice, which is positioned as a high-end hyaluronic acid brand, is also a declaration to the world.

No matter what happens in the future, Beatrice will insist on promoting its high-end brand positioning. Beatrice’s industrial chain layout in medical and aesthetic fields also indicates that the brand-new high-quality sodium hyaluronate gel products will show the charm of oriental aesthetics to the world.

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