Helpful and No Nonsense Tips in Protecting Identity while Playing In-app Games

Playing in-app games on mobile and tablet devices was, and is currently still, a huge help in coping with the long quarantine period brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. These in-app games distract several people from negative thoughts and emotion with regards to what’s happening in this world.

Plus, it’s not all fun and games when playing these as users can also learn the value of patience, camaraderie, and teamwork which are beneficial for one’s character development.

With more and more mobile and tablet users deciding to delve into gaming for pastime or maybe to make it their job, some cons should be considered, especially when it comes to the safety and security of the online players.

Since several in-app games require their users to login or register for the creation of game accounts, users tend to link their personal email addresses or social media accounts. Because of this, players can become more vulnerable to threats like hackers as those accounts are filled with pieces of valuable information like passwords, contact details, and online banking data.

To secure details and protect the identities of these online players, they should be more cautious in creating gaming accounts, especially when they just want to link an existing email address or social media profiles.

So, to help online users who are planning to download and play in-app games on their devices, here are three helpful tips that will certainly help in keeping one’s safety and security on the web while playing.

  1. Use an alternative email address or social media account to link with the online gaming profile

This tip is very helpful for users who are planning to link their existing online profiles so that hackers don’t have anything to steal or use for something detrimental to anyone. It would also be more conducive to users to not input any important information on these alternative profiles, including one’s real name and picture.

  1. Limit interactions to other people online

Interacting with fellow players on in-app games is inevitable as these people spend a chunk of time every day talking about tactics and strategies (if players are teammates) or talking trash (if players are of different teams).

While it’s healthy to make some friends even via the internet, it’s best to not make the conversations too deep and personal as one may say something that he should not have said in the first place. Plus, no one is certain whether the person behind one’s device’s screen is really genuine as that someone is just using a disguise to scam people.

  1. Connect to a good VPN app

By connecting to a VPN or a Virtual Private Network, users are ensuring themselves of cybersecurity. A VPN is a tool that makes online users stay anonymous on the internet so that hackers won’t be able to steal or breach valuable information from them.

But, to ensure these wonderful VPN perks, one must choose a good VPN app to connect to.

Fortunately, there’s GoingVPN.

This free VPN app offers premium and high quality VPN services like unlimited data bandwidth, lightning-speed technology, and tight encryption process that will surely help online gamers in ensuring their online safety and privacy while enjoying playing in-app games.

Key Takeaways

It’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why everyone should be mindful of their cybersecurity as hackers are becoming more aggressive than usual. These days, it only takes one slight vulnerability in the virtual mode for someone to lose a lot.

With a good VPN app like GoingVPN, anyone can have an extra layer of online security. This is an enormous push so that no one could ever become a gambit of these online threats anymore.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

For more information, one may visit GoingVPN’s website.

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