SudShare Laundry Service Offers Seniors Reduced Risk of Falls

SudShare Laundry Service Offers Seniors Reduced Risk of Falls

Mort Fertel, CEO and Co-Founder of SudShare
Tech Startup Announces New Feature for Non-Techy Users

September 27, 2021 – SudShare, the first national laundry service and innovative tech startup that offers laundry pickup and delivery at the tap of an app, recently unveiled a decidedly non-technical feature, The Senior Support Line, a telephone helpline that gives clients uncomfortable with technology the opportunity to easily and safely outsource their laundry. Seniors over 65 years of age are invited to call The Senior Support Line at 833-783-7427 to arrange for laundry pick up.

Studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that falls in the home are the leading cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries for Americans aged 65 and over, with over three million seniors treated in emergency rooms on an annual basis. Since 2009, fall-related deaths for older adults have increased by 30%. Many accidents are caused whilst doing the laundry as frailer geriatrics attempt to carry heavy and unwieldy baskets with clothing up and downstairs and move heavy wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. 

Although hundreds of thousands of Americans outsource their laundry with SudShare’s easy-to-use app, senior citizens, who could most benefit from the safety of no longer worrying about laundry day, often do not use smartphones or computers or simply aren’t tech-savvy enough to access the app. Recognizing the opportunity to give seniors a safe alternative to doing their own laundry, SudShare created The Senior Support Line, giving low-tech elders an easy way to access their service with just a simple phone call. 

“Our margins are very small so it’s important for us to automate as much as possible,” explains Mort Fertel, CEO of SudShare. “We’re as much a tech company as a laundry company but we also know that seniors need help with their laundry and many of them won’t use our app, so we decided to release a Senior Support Line.”

“My washer and dryer are upstairs and I can’t climb the steps,” says Linda Day, age 79 of Chesapeake, VA. “A friend told me about SudShare so I call when I need my laundry done. I know they have an app but I don’t do computers.”

Seniors aged 65 years and older are invited to make laundry a thing of the past by calling SudShare’s Senior Support Line at 833-783-7427, available seven days a week. A “Sudster”, SudShare’s local laundry professionals, will pick up the client’s bagged laundry, then wash, dry, fold and drop off the order the next day, all for a very affordable rate of only one dollar per pound of clothing.

SudShare is the first nationwide laundry service and application, serving clients in over 400 cities across the USA powered by over 45,000 Sudsters, the company’s home-based laundry professionals. The company’s mission is to create a marketplace for laundry that improves the quality of life for millions. SudShare is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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