Miami’s Pure Plastic Surgery Introduces Qwo® for Cellulite Treatment

This FDA-approved treatment is the first injectable ever offered for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite.

MIAMI – PURE Plastic Surgery, known for its commitment to safety, individualized patient care, and amazing results, takes great pride in bringing the anti-cellulite injectable Qwo® to its patients for the first time. While other cellulite treatments can be invasive and only moderately effective, Qwo® provides a non-invasive option that provides excellent results and has been approved for women with moderate to severe buttock cellulite.

Qwo® works on cellulite in several ways. First, an enzyme called collagenase breaks down tight bands of collagen called septae. These septae cause cellulite by creating attachments between the skin and muscle. This tethers the skin and produces dimples, while in between the septae the fat cannot spread out normally and forms bulging areas. 

Releasing septae under the skin starts the process, but the removal of these bands also allows fat to redistribute, resulting in a smoother-looking buttock area. In addition, Qwo® triggers the body to produce new, healthy collagen in the area. Instead of forming bands that tether the skin, this new collagen adds to the skin’s support network, helping to smooth and firm it. 

Patients considering Qwo® may have questions about side effects and recovery time. Part of the advantage of Qwo® lies in its safety and minimal, if any, recovery time. The professionals at PURE Plastic Surgery can complete your injections in as little as ten minutes, and you can go back to work or your regular activities right away. Bruising and soreness do occur but only last a short time.

As an alternative to other types of cellulite treatment, Qwo® may be more effective than other treatment methods without the recovery time or invasive procedures. One of the most difficult problems in plastic surgery to address, cellulite has often defied treatment. Qwo® offers a new tool in the fight against cellulite and a new way to give buttocks a smooth, more even appearance without dimpling. 

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About Pure Plastic Surgery

PURE Plastic Surgery focuses on providing a high-quality patient experience, with safety being a top priority. They have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Office-Based Surgery Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality care.

Following the principle of Smart Aesthetics™, PURE Plastic Surgery seeks to create a result that looks beautifully natural and gives each individual patient the most aesthetically pleasing results. Qwo® is only the latest in their line of next-generation treatments chosen specifically to give patients the best possible results. 

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