Creative Biolabs Solutions for the Progress of mRNA Therapeutics

Creative Biolabs focuses on improving mRNA technology to tackle issues that are specific to mRNA therapeutics development, such as mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & transport, bioinformatics, and protein engineering.

New York, USA – September 28, 2021 – mRNA, a genetic coding template for translational machinery, has emerged as a viable treatment method for a variety of diseases, including cancer and infectious disorders, thanks to substantial advances in scientific study and several ongoing pre-clinical trials. For years, Creative Biolabs has been contributing to improving mRNA drug discovery with advanced mRNA technologies in mRNA synthesis, mRNA modification, target delivery, and protein engineering.

mRNA Synthesis

Chemical method and IVT synthesis of mRNA are all available at Creative Biolabs, which are provided according to different research targets, e.g., a small mRNA fragment can be chemically synthesized and yielded for gram scale, and long fragments of synthetic IVT mRNA can also be generated with a DNA template, through gene editing method.

mRNA Modification

To solve the instability and immunogenicity caused by structural defects of in vitro synthesized mRNA, technicians at Creative Biolabs can modify the mRNA products through nucleosides at the 3′ end or a cap structure at the 5′ end, depending on the actual situation.

Delivery Vehicle for mRNA

Creative Biolabs is happy to solve the technical problems in the development of mRNA delivery vehicles by combining cutting-edge platforms with extensive expertise. Lipid-based vectors, polymer-based vectors, and hybrid vectors are some of the most widely utilized mRNA delivery vehicles.

mRNA Therapeutics Development

Creative Biolabs has created a one-stop mRNA therapeutics development platform to help with all aspects of mRNA-based projects, including mRNA molecule design and manufacturing, mRNA biology, mRNA formulation and transportation, mRNA immunogenicity evaluation, and mRNA therapeutics development (gene therapy, immunotherapy, mRNA vaccine, etc.).

Creative Biolabs is a world-class service provider dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost mRNA research services using cutting-edge technologies like electroporation, nucleoporation, the PiggyBac transposition system, and the gene gun. In addition, reagents for mRNA delivery, genome editing mRNA, reporter gene mRNA, RNA kits, etc., are all readily available to support customers’ research studies on mRNA.

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With expertise and accumulated knowledge and experience, the scientists at Creative Biolabs are dedicated to boosting therapeutic nucleic acid research, who have created a platform that allows for the optimization of mRNA synthesis, modification, and delivery.

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