Discusses Why Pre-Employment Testing Works Discusses Why Pre-Employment Testing Works

It’s not always easy to find the best candidate for a specific opening. While personal judgments are part of the basics, and commonly used to weed out some candidates and focus on others, gut feelings don’t always result in the best person being hired. Since different jobs require different skill sets and attitudes, business owners need help when making important hiring decisions. One of the best ways to judge a candidate is using pre-employment tests focusing on the characteristics required for specific positions. Here are a few of the basics to consider when selecting a test provider.

Understand the Advantages Pre-Employment Tests Provide

Hiring new staff members isn’t easy. HR experts understand finding top candidates impacts the bottom line of any company, regardless of how many people are employed. The Top 5 Hottest US Pre-Employment Assessment Tests include measurements of applicants’ basic knowledge, cognitive abilities, motor skills, language proficiency, and other factors. Tests should be designed to test job-specific requirements, which means companies should work closely with providers who demonstrate their tests’ abilities to deliver the data needed to make hiring decisions. With valid test results, employers are better able to choose employees that will benefit their organizations. Here are a few reasons to consider using pre-employment tests, according to

  • Measure Applicants’ Skills. Every job requires certain skill sets. Tests from providers like Wonderlic help employers assess the capabilities of applicants and focus on those who best meet a company’s current (and future) needs.

  • Speed Up the Hiring Process. Interviews and background checks take time. Pre-employment testing allows staffing professionals to reduce the number of applicants being considered, which means unnecessary interviews and background checks can be eliminated. That saves companies time and money and allows faster hiring when positions need to be filled quickly. 

  • Improve Interviews. Companies tasked with hiring new people generally have certain questions they ask during the interview process. Pre-employment testing allows those interviewers to focus on issues identified by the tests. While it’s always a good idea to ask every candidate pre-determined questions during an interview, testing makes it easy to focus on potential problem areas.

Pre-employment testing allows companies to identify job candidates with the best chances of succeeding in a specific position. When the best candidates are hired, turnover is reduced, training requirements are less expensive, and bottom-line profits are protected. 

Tests are Only Part of the Picture

When hiring new staff members, employers are encouraged to take advantage of pre-employment testing, but it’s also important to make sure other factors are also considered. To avoid legal issues, it’s important that tests are job-related and don’t discriminate against any applicants. That’s generally not a problem when top companies supply the tests, but it never hurts to discuss possible issues with the provider.

Tests also help employers reduce or eliminate a candidate’s ability to exaggerate their skill levels, but that assumes the tests used are valid. Again, top test providers should be able to demonstrate the validity of their tests. Don’t be afraid to ask for data related to reliability and validity when selecting a pre-employment test provider.

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