Discusses How to Find an Au Pair Discusses How to Find an Au Pair

Parents do not have the time to take their kids to daycare every day. With the recent global pandemic, parents had to make adjustments in their child care expectations. Instead of taking the kids to daycare, many families chose to host an au pair in their homes. 

Register With an Au Pair Service

The parents must register with an au pair service and set up a membership. The service provider must verify all the information that the parents provide. There may be some screening requirements for parents who want to host an au pair, and some programs may offer housing assistance or funds to help families with the expenses involved in hosting an au pair. It is not the same as hosting a student, but the au pairs come from different countries on an au pair visa. The family must fill out all the documentation and get approved by the agency first according to 

Search for Prospective Au Pairs and Review Their Credentials

Families must search the service provider’s website for the right au pair to come live with them and provide childcare services. When choosing an au pair, it is recommended that families choose an individual who meets their requirements, and the au pair should speak the same language, and can read this “When You Live With Your Boss”.

Families will review the au pair’s credentials and experience during their search. They will want to hire someone who has experience taking care of children. Some parents may have children with special needs that require extra services, and they need to find an au pair that has experience with these requirements. 

Setting Up Video-Based Interviews

Once the family has selected an au pair for their children, they can set up a video-based interview. It’s recommended that the parents create a checklist of questions they want to ask to find out more about the individual. The answers to the questions could help the parents determine if the au pair is the right fit for their family and home. Parents who aren’t sure what to ask visit this useful link and create a better plan for the interview. 

Set Up a Contract With an Au Pair

After the interview, the parents make a final decision, and they start a contract with the au pair. The contract defines the au pair’s requirements for daycare, chores in the home, and any services they must perform. The terms define how long the au pair works for the family and what they will be paid. Families that want to learn more about setting up the contract by visiting a service provider such as Go Au Pair now.  

Parents who need extra help in the home hire au pairs. The role of the au pair is to provide childcare in the home, and they move into the home to perform the services.

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