Discusses the Benefits of Using Sharepoint Designer Discusses the Benefits of Using Sharepoint Designer

The complexity of SharePoint sites ensures they can meet the needs of every business. At one time, the sites served as a place to store documents, schedules, and task lists. Today, they function as process-driven sites, ones that are filled with data and are highly dynamic. The site designer must understand what the business needs from the site as well as how to provide what is needed using SharePoint. Every business needs to learn how to use PowerPoint Designer to create professionally designed slideshow presentations along with SharePoint Designer to enhance their website. What features does one find when using SharePoint Designer, and how can they help a business create a custom brand? 

Master Pages

Website designers benefit from master pages that allow them to design the site’s layout in one location and reuse this template across the site for consistency. Pages on a SharePoint site are actually two separate pages that have been combined into one. The program brings together the master and content pages while each serves its own purpose. The master page holds the common layout and navigation, and the content page supplies the contact that is unique to that page. Page editing tools allow a designer to create and customize a master page before sharing it with others. For more information on this feature, read here. 


Page layouts allow the website owner to choose the appearance and layout of the site when working with a publisher. The layout functions as a template for each publishing page created by someone within the organization. The layouts work in conjunction with the master page to ensure consistency across the site by providing granular control and structure for the publishing process. The use of page layouts streamlines the authoring and publishing of these pages while reducing overhead.

Cascading Style Sheets

According to, many web applications and websites benefit from the use of cascading style sheets (CSS). This technique allows for the application of graphics and colors along with the positioning of elements on web pages. A single page may use multiple style sheets, which the user can then customize. CSS editing tools make doing so effortless, and the user may also customize themes to alter the look of the site and ensure it is in line with the corporate image.  

Custom Solutions

SharePoint allows one to import and export data for full integration. Furthermore, the data may be used to create user interfaces while managing business process workflows. The site branding benefits the business by ensuring consistency across marketing materials. Contact a company like KWizCom for more information on why this is so important. 

Once developed, the solutions must be usable. The website owner may need to deploy the solution to another server or it may need to be opened in Visual Studio so it can be customized further. The solution may even be saved offline so it can be used in other places. The Save as Template feature ensures this can be done with ease. 

This serves as only the beginning of what one can do with the help of SharePoint Designer. Once a business sees how the program allows for real business solutions, they will want to delve deeper. The benefits of Sharepoint Designer are amazing, and every business should consider making use of the program today.

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