Here Is Why Video Ads Are the Future of Advertising According to

Here Is Why Video Ads Are the Future of Advertising According to

With so many platforms dominating the social media market, it is no surprise that companies everywhere are pouring money into video advertising campaigns. In fact, over 75% of advertisers are set to increase their video ad budget over the next year, and almost none plan to decrease it. Usually, brands reference their past performance when choosing how to advertise, but the best results often come from trying out new marketing venues, and video ads are no different. 

It is hard to argue against video ads in today’s digital landscape. Here are some of the top reasons why video ads are the future of advertising. 

Data Collection

According to, effective marketing strategies rely on collecting data from the people they target. Digital video offers advertisers the perfect opportunity to collect vital data on their audience. They can easily track brand recognition and personalize ads to individuals in their audience. Traditional TV ads can’t keep up with that level of targeting and effectiveness.

Higher Engagement

Video ads have the ability to let the audience engage with the content. The movement and sound of the ad catch the audience’s attention and play a critical role in communicating a message efficiently. All of this leads to increased engagement, which translates to better conversion rates. 

Many companies that have seen this trend in advertising have started testing the effectiveness for themselves. The article “Microsoft Advertising Search Ads Get Disclaimers, Tests Video Ads & More” shows the incredible success an effective video ad campaign can have. 

Videos Can be Shared

Audience members are far more likely to share a short clip or funny video with their peers than a text-based ad. Video ads are relatable and concise, so users are compelled to share them, which increases a brand’s exposure. Sharing a video ad allows users to express themselves, which gives them a sense of ownership over their choice to share the brand. 

Higher Click-Through Rates

Video ads can tell a story that provokes an emotion far better than a simple banner ad. In fact, this is the main reason why video ads have a much better click through rate than text-based ads. Video ads typically have a click through rate that is seven times higher than that of display ads, so they are worth the time and effort even if they are more expensive to create. Even audio-based media companies like Spotify have branched out into the realm of video ads to attract more users

Leave a Better Impression

The average person is inundated with thousands of text-based ads per day, which makes those ads easy to tune out. However, video ads command a person’s attention, which makes them much harder to ignore. While people quickly forget the information in a banner ad, they remember as much as 95% of a video-based message. Because of this, the efficiency of using video in ads is far greater than that of text-based ads. 

The Future is Digital

As the digital world turns more towards video media, advertisers need to adapt their strategies accordingly. Video ads are an efficient and effective way to reach an audience and are well worth the money and time it takes to produce them.

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