Discusses the Specifics of Marina Del Rey Yacht Rentals Discusses the Specifics of Marina Del Rey Yacht Rentals

Marina Del Rey is located near LAX, the center of Los Angeles, and only minutes away from Santa Monica. It is a great harbor for recreational boats and one of the largest harbors in the world. This beach town in southern California is laid back and perfect when a person wants to avoid large crowds. There are yachts and other boats to rent, walking and bike paths to enjoy, and lots of shopping and entertainment opportunities.

What Makes Marina Del Rey Special?

Marina Del Rey packs a lot into its 807 acres, half of it underwater. The part of it that is above water is owned entirely by Los Angeles county. The county then leases it to private leaseholders with long-term contracts. This community and harbor are surrounded by Los Angeles on three sides. This large harbor has 4,602 boat slips in 222 marinas and anchorages. The community has one million feet of retail space, giving people there plenty of shopping opportunities. 

People looking into the area will find that, according to, this is a pretty special place to visit and to rent a boat. Companies such as OnBoat know just how to do boat rentals the right way for customer enjoyment and satisfaction. Rental boats come in different sizes and styles, including sailboats, catamarans, and motor crafts. There are also party boat charters available. Being out on the water is one of the main attractions of this community.

Renting Yachts

Execs benefit by mixing business, pleasure yachts in Marina del Rey. Executives can move their business parties or sales meeting onto a rental boat to impress potential customers or thank employees for their good work during the year. Rental yachts can have meals catered to make any get-together even better. Renters do not have to know how to run a boat because there are experienced crew members available. Executives and their clients or other people renting one of the boats can relax and enjoy their time on the water in the California sun while someone else pilots the boat, serves the food, and cleans up afterward.

When checking out boat rentals for Marina Del Rey, be sure to read review posts for all the companies that are being considered. Good reviews and good customer ratings say a lot about a boat rental company.

A Little History

The Marina Del Rey was built as a cooperative project with the Federal government, Los Angeles County, and some private developers. It is the largest man-made marina in the United States. But, this piece of land was originally used by the Gabrielino/Tongva and the Shoshone Indians, then by Spanish explorers, and then by the first Angelinos for its good duck hunting and fishing. The area was mostly wetlands or swamps.

Several early developers tried and failed to develop the area into a port and failed. But, in 1954, then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed what was called public law #780 that authorized building the marina as a federal building project. Construction was almost finished when a winter storm hit in the 1962-63 season, necessitating the adding of baffles to control strong wave action in the main channel.

There is More to do Than Sailing

There is a lot more entertainment available than just renting yachts and sale boats though. Nearby Los Angeles has many shopping and entertainment opportunities and the Marina itself has over one million feet of retail space and many attractions to keep visitors busy.

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