Local Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic, Rx-O2 reviews Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as the Solution to Dementia

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may play a role in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease according to a new study. This research came as no surprise to the staff at Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic in Glendale. Dr. Marvin Borsand, the center’s medical director and board-certified surgeon, has been using hyperbaric oxygen in his surgery center going back to 2007. Previous research on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cognitive decline lead Dr. Borsand to open Rx-O2.

Four years ago Dr. Borsand lost his older brother to a rapid onset dementia. The loss lead to a greater focus on regenerative medicine, using stem cell therapy under an IRB-approved study of thousands of patients. Stem cell therapy is advancing, however, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT has also been shown to mobilize stem cells, growth factors and reduce inflammation. The use of oxygen under pressure has advanced wound healing ability and is an FDA-approved treatment for a number of inflammation and infections diseases.

Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic is Arizona’s largest hyperbaric treatment center. The center utilizes single place chambers, designed for individual treatment and two multiplace chambers that can each treat six patients at once. However, due to CDC guidance, the multiplace chambers are only being used to treat families. Clinic supervisor and retired Scottsdale Police officer, Shawn Smetzer has been involved in Hyperbaric Medicine for almost 20 years. She has done thousands of hyperbaric “dives” and has first-hand experience seeing neurological changes in hyperbaric patients.

Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not approved for the use of cognitive decline or post-stroke recovery, it has been shown in numerous studies to have a significant effect.

Local Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic, Rx-O2 was not surprised by new research showing Hyperbaric Oxygen may be a new treatment for Alzheimer’s.

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