OunizZ Vintage Moroccan Rugs Handmade In Morocco And Directly From The Weavers, Mix Of Modernity, Tradition & Elegance

Is selecting a finely handwoven Moroccan rug becoming a tall order? Then OunizZ is the best online marketplace for your solutions. Ounizz can be defined as a mix of modernity, elegance, tradition, and great colors of all times. The company expresses a great passion for nature and beauty. Their mission for their operation is to express the charm of the simple and wildlife found in hidden Morocco, available in the snowy and florid mountains to the world.


The platform shares with the rest of the globe different vast experiences and the stories of hundreds of foreign women who have more than forty years of experience in other handwoven textiles. These powerful women passed down their expertise and heritage to their successors, mainly the young generation. Each piece has a unique story behind it.

With the different rugs available, one can choose their favorite and have it delivered conveniently, no matter the location on the globe. They hand weave different designs of rugs, observing different patterns that mind about easy cleaning. Some of what they have include Moroccan rugs, Azilal rugs, Boujaad rugs, colorful vintage rugs, pink boho design rugs, among many more.

At OunizZ, all the carpets and rugs available are one of a kind. The period one has to wait for the processing of the customized rugs varies from three to six weeks depending on what size it is and the weather condition in the Atlas Mountains, getting the wool and having to dry it naturally will take longer.

OunizZ takes pride in the special ability to have it designed at the fastest period possible. Rugs play different roles in our homes. They are versatile in that they can be used as interior decors and as playing zones for kids. With the increased production of rugs of different fabrics, they take pride in ensuring that they have the best fabrics value for money for our clients. Additionally, they hand-weave the products, making them stand out from other rugs from other dealerships. They can turn your ideas into the best rugs with a durable and easily cleanable fabric to satisfy your desires.

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