OMNI is the first company in Europe to launch a Real Estate marketplace on the blockchain

The Spanish based company has created a new platform to make investing easier and more accessible for all. Allowing investors worldwide access to fractionalized assets.

Investing in real estate can be incredibly frustrating, with the process involving illiquid assets and complex contracts. A European based real-estate firm is aiming to change this by being the first in Europe to utilize new technology that will improve the speed and transparency of real estate transactions. They state that this will make real estate investment more accessible to the wider market with a much lower barrier to entry.

OMNI Real Estate Group is behind this next evolution in investment technology, with a marketplace where real estate can be flipped, purchased, sold, rented or hired. They are using the latest blockchain technology to ensure maximum speed, security and transparency on all transactions across their platform. By using this technology, they can give investors across the world direct access to their portfolio of over 22,000 assets, which can either be purchased outright or the investors can choose to own a fraction of.

Fractional investments are made possible through the marketplace, where the OMNI Real Estate Group will manage the rental of the property with income split between investors. They aim to open passive investment up to a much wider audience with no restrictions on location, with tangible real estate assets being purchased, rented and sold.

OMNI has access to a very diverse portfolio of over 22,000 assets ranging from apartments to large villas. Using blockchain technology opens opportunities for small, medium and larger size investors to invest in assets that fit their own investment strategy and portfolio.

There is a large market of investors who are ready to use new technologies with CoinTelegraph estimating that 0.5% of the real estate market ($1.4 trillion) could utilise blockchain technologies over the next five years. OMNI is aiming to be the first company in Europe to make the use of this new tech to allow this level of real estate investment.

“Our marketplace is based on real tangible real estate assets, instead of black box REITS that others utilize. The OMNI-PSI partnership delivers a fully transparent marketplace that directly intermediates between buyers, sellers and project developers, allowing them to settle deals directly.” – Alexander Grann

Currently the marketplace is going through a rigorous process to ensure they meet all Spanish regulations, ensuring the ongoing safety of funds and users. In the meantime, OMNI is launching a private fractionalised sale on the marketplace at the end of October 2021. This will prove the concept adheres to real estate laws and regulations before the full launch.

You can register your interest in the private sale or the marketplace launch by directly contacting the team on their website and follow the project on their active Telegram channel:

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