Mybizrev Launches Corporate Icebreaker, Takes Business Networking A Step Further

MyBizRev has launched a mobile application that takes corporate networking a step further, pairing the pros of virtual communication with the immeasurable benefits of physical interactions.

The company, which promises to be much more than a regular portfolio platform, leverages GEO location to directly connect users with shared interests near each other.

The MyBizRev software application practically functions as a corporate ice breaker for employers and skilled service providers operating outside the rigid structures of formal environments.

It takes the edge off first-time physical interactions by ensuring that both individuals allow each other to assess their respective profiles, sort through credentials and past reviews,  and agree to connect based on specific pre-approved interests, all before saying hello.

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic has redefined global understanding of what constitutes corporate work, with many firms and private businesses opting to remotely employ and manage staff, leading to an upsurge in the number of freelancers.

Bloomberg reports that 68% of workers in the US are interested in taking on freelance paying gigs, while another statistic projects freelancers to make up the majority of the entire US working population, accounting for a staggering 50.9% by 2027.

MyBizRev, which is short for “My Business Revolution,” is channeling the accelerated reliance on telecommuting to create a paradigm shift in the way businesses find and hire skilled service providers. It simply helps users connect, meet and repeat the experience, all in real-time as stated on its Instagram bio.

The peer-to-peer app also sports amazing features like user reviews to encourage higher standards, the ability to upload certificates and licenses for showcasing competence and experience, as well as privacy settings for visibility control.

Anyone, corporate or individual, seeking to hire the services of a skilled service provider can simply visit the company’s website and click on “GET APP NOW” to find a full list of matching users, with the added advantage of tailoring search results down to a particular location.

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