Tunedly Revolutionizes the Music Industry with New Twist on the Masked Singer Contest

Tunedly Revolutionizes the Music Industry with New Twist on the Masked Singer Contest

Listening to music evokes a wide range of feelings in people, and music has been a part of humanity for centuries. As the world has developed, access to music expands, and now, startups are springing up to make the music experience even more beneficial through rewards and prizes. One of such startups, Tunedly, is tapping into the audience’s subconscious by giving them the chance to win big.

On Tunedly Music Discovery App, listeners can sign up for free and begin to scout for songs that are potential hits. If the music becomes a hit, the listeners can earn royalties, cash prizes, merchandise and other prizes. Since 2017, Tunedly has revolutionized the music industry with its unique offerings that help songwriters worldwide. It has an online recording studio feature that has created almost 6,500 songs.

In September, the platform announced that it would be giving away $500 to the first ten users on the app who can name a popular and well-known artist on the Tunedly Music Discovery app and name the artist’s song title. It is a twist on the popular Masked Singer competition. The exciting and unique thing about the Tunedly Music Discovery app is that it strips all information from every song so that the artist’s name is unknown. This is done so that the artist’s music can be judged purely by merit, and the participating listeners are encouraged to visit the website often and listen carefully.

More songs get added to the platform daily, and nearly two-thirds of these songs are from unknown, independent artists, while one-third of the songs are by major well-known artists such as Bruno Mars, Fall Out Boy, Kane Brown, and many others. Throughout the contest, listeners who identify a song from an established artist can tweet their answers to Tunedly’s Twitter account using the hashtag #tunedlywhosthesinger. The tweet should include the artist’s name and song, and the first ten correct submissions will get $500 in cash prizes.

“We are committed to giving back to people who enjoy music as much as we do. This has motivated us to keep building our not-so-regular music streaming platform,” co-founder Chris Erhardt said. “We’re excited to champion this contest as one of our numerous ways to make listeners happy. The app offers many other perks, such as becoming a hit music scout by signing up, discovering songs, and giving the songs upvotes if they think they will become hits. Each user gets one free upvote daily, and if their upvoted songs become a hit, they earn royalties, cash or other forms of prizes,” Chris added.

Tunedly’s founders are pulling all the stops to keep listeners tuned to the app and enjoy the best music available in the world. As the platform combines streaming with the creation, publishing and distribution of music, it changes how independent artists approach music. It also signed a partnership with Spirit Music Group to grow the platform further and deliver more valuable offerings to listeners and artists.

Learn more about the contest on the website.

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