Microbiosci Launches Integrated Solutions for Pharmaceutical Microbiology with GLP Standards

Microbiosci announced the release of its full array of integrated solutions for pharmaceutical microbiology that can be applied in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

New York, USA – September 29, 2021 – Microbiosci, the mature division of Creative Biogene, is committed to developing unique technologies and comprehensive services in order to accelerate the investigation of microbial research. With the accumulated experience and professional team, Microbiosci is capable to provide a wide range of high-quality products and services in microbial genome editing, identification, sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics. Recently, Microbiosci announced the release of its full array of integrated solutions for pharmaceutical microbiology that can be applied in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

With innovative manual and automated technologies, Creative Biogene has become the preferred partner for pharmaceutical microbiology services, including environmental monitoring, growth promotion testing, antibacterial effectiveness testing, rapid microbial testing and sterility testing. Creative Biogene has the ability to provide customers with the highest quality results in accordance with GLP standards to achieve research goals.

Microorganisms are currently a major threat to sterility in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, accurate identification of microorganisms is generally regarded as a great manufacturing practice (GMP) requirement in the pharmaceutical industry. It is very important to ensure that the supply of medicines and vaccines is not contaminated by microorganisms. In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, the solutions offered by Microbiosci for the field of pharmaceutical microbiology include medium challenge test, microbial count test, water test, etc.

As a leading company that provides the best biopharmaceutical product testing services, Microbiosci’s talented scientists have extensive experience in the testing of biopharmaceutical products for small molecule and macromolecular drug products, raw materials, final products, intermediates and starting materials. In-house professionals will communicate closely with researchers to provide assistance for biopharmaceutical product testing. Microbiosci has gradually become the premier organization that provides complete capabilities and strict quality systems for the world’s largest pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

In addition, Microbiosci also provides a series of solutions to promote the design and construction of engineered living microorganisms for a series of human clinical applications or other industrial applications. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, the team can design and implement various systematic methods to target microorganisms by integrating synthetic biology tools and circuit design principles. By developing an innovative platform, Creative Biogene works closely with different R&D teams to provide products with required enhancements and the highest quality results in accordance with GLP standards.

“Creative Biogene strives to develop unique technologies to provide high-quality products and satisfactory services to scientists around the world to promote microbial research.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “Based on specially developed platform and technologies, Creative Biogene is always devoted to providing one-stop solutions for specific needs.”

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Microbiosci, as the division of Creative Biogene, is always dedicated to satisfying the needs of clients covering more than 50 countries and districts. As a leading custom service provider in delivering medicine microbiology solutions, Microbiosci has become a well-recognized industry leader with years of experience and professional scientists.

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