Senior Expert Jim Bland Conducts His Company the Right Way

Seniors Home Services provides innovative in-home fall preventive services and technologies that keep seniors in their homes and save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to a survey conducted by Leisure Care, “most seniors want to stay in their homes as they age.” Most elderly citizens have accumulated a substantial amount of physical and emotional stress, and numerous studies have confirmed “seniors’ overwhelming desire to age in place.”

The physical challenges that seniors face outdoors are somewhat contained and reduced in a secure home environment, but Senior Expert Jim Bland states that “most homes were not built for the challenges that many seniors typically face, such as navigating stairs, hallways, and climb-in bathtubs.”

Jim Bland, the founder, and president of Annapolis, Maryland-based Senior Home Services, has developed actionable solutions for senior citizens who want to lead healthier, more comfortable lives. 

The company’s team of professionals is equipped with both experience and state-of-the-art technologies:

These enhancements often occur under the umbrella of “universal design,” where the design of buildings, products or environments are made accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability, or other factors. For example, a zero-threshold shower with a fold-down seat and grab-bars may replace a climb-over tub, making the bathroom not only safer but more universally and visually appealing to a broad audience and increasing the value of the home since the modifications are very attractive don’t look like they are of ADA nature. 

Seniors Home Services offer a broad spectrum of service packages, including Fall Prevention/Detection technologies, Discharge Telemonitoring, Balance, Mobility, Memory, and Cognition support features, Indoor Air Purification, Home Modification, and Financing services. 

The brand states that its goal is to “be a comprehensive solution for seniors and family members, allowing seniors to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by being able to stay in their homes, while providing family members peace of mind that their senior is safe, secure, and happy.”

Seniors Home Services are backed by AI software and a myriad of smart technologies, which ensure that all installed features are reliably and consistently efficient. Jim Bland, the brand’s founder, is fully committed to helping the brand’s customers create safer, senior-friendly homes.

More information about Seniors Home Services can be found on the brand’s official website.

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