Cloud Catcher Brews Ethically-Sourced Premium Specialty Coffee

Cloud Catcher’s specialty coffee uses meticulous processes to bring premium coffee with consistent superior taste.

One of the biggest challenges that many coffee connoisseurs face is the huge number of commercial coffee products that do not satisfy. Another is the limited access to high-quality coffee beans. Cloud Catcher, Asia’s one-stop centre for specialty coffee, aims to cater to this growing demand. Built with a passion for assisting the ever-expanding coffee industry through premium coffee products and education, Cloud Catcher provides a wide range of specialty blends with distinct and consistent flavour profiles.

Compared to commercial coffee, Cloud Catcher’s specialty coffee uses premium coffee beans roasted by master roasters. Commercial coffees are made in bulk, so the coffee beans are varied and often unripe or defective. There’s also very little care in the production process. As a result, commercial coffee usually tastes bitter, burnt, and sour. On the other hand, specialty coffee uses carefully handpicked and hand-sorted coffee beans to ensure purity and quality. As a result, specialty coffee tastes richer and is more aromatic.

What makes Cloud Catcher’s specialty coffee special isn’t only the premium quality and taste of their products. It’s also the meticulous processes that go into their coffee, the transparency of the entire production, and the equitable treatment of the farmers and laborers involved.

Cloud Catcher works closely with coffee farmers and their communities. They create initiatives that promote fair, sustainable, and positive relationships with the unsung heroes of the coffee industry. Cloud Catcher ensures farmers and laborers are well compensated above market standards and given the means to continue producing quality crops. Because of this, Cloud Catcher can provide their consumers with all the information about their coffee and educate coffee enthusiasts and coffee shop owners about the coffee trade and craft. Also, purchasing specialty coffee from Cloud Catcher means supporting various charity organisations.

From seed to cup, Cloud Catcher’s specialty coffee was made with uncompromising quality and the passion of a team of coffee connoisseurs who understand how the best quality coffees are produced.

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About Cloud Catcher

Cloud Catcher is a specialty coffee manufacturer and a certified Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Campus based in Malaysia. It was founded by Dato’ Sri Elvin, an SCA Certified Roaster, Barista, and Coffee Quality Institute Certified Q Grader. It aims to provide coffee enthusiasts with ethically sourced and sustainable coffee products that bring consistent quality and taste. It also seeks to educate consumers about the coffee trade, art, and science.

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