FERTAN Provides Long-Term Corrosion Protection for Automotive, Industrial and Marine Applications

Miami, Florida – For over 4 decades, family-owned FERTAN has developed high-quality solutions designed to prevent, reduce or eliminate corrosion altogether on classic cars, home renovations, body shop projects and large-scale industrial equipment. Featuring innovative solutions inspired by Siegfried Lang’s first German designed formulas, FERTAN continually adapts to customers’ diverse needs for corrosion elimination and protection. Now joined by his son, Bjoern Lang, Siegfried has developed FERTAN into one of the largest European manufacturers of anti-corrosive solutions.

FERTAN offers corrosion control for metal fixings as well as large structures such as cranes, tanks and trailers. Their team of engineers remain at the forefront of cutting-edge corrosion-related products while maintaining steadfast commitment to exceeding industry standards. FERTAN goes beyond surface rust, removing 100% of the deepest underlying rust. FERTAN has a wide range of commercial and residential applications such as metal roof protection, rust removal from garden tools, brake rotor restoration and car underbody protection. From classic auto restorations to major marine and industrial undertakings, FERTAN solutions offer longer-term protection on projects and applications of all sizes.

Steadfast in their mission to bring to market high-quality corrosion deterrents, FERTAN works closely with its customers to ensure that everything gets done correctly. Their products are effective, dependable and can be trusted to provide maximum results to all projects related to corrosion. Products are reasonably priced to appeal to a wide range of customers, and their accessibility by both email and phone have garnered the trust and loyalty of customers and industry leaders worldwide. With extended hours that accommodate an international market, FERTAN maintains strong relationships with clients by providing project advice from first steps to last. This includes specific guidance to your most pressing issues surrounding corrosion protection.

FERTAN stands ready to provide high-quality solutions to all your corrosion protection predicaments.

For more information, visit: www.fertanusa.com/pages/our-mission

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